Our Colorful World

Mom went out and took some pictures of the flowers in our yard.

Some of these flowers are outside of the fence so we never see them.

We think she should put more flowers in the back yard where we can see them.

We told Mom that and she said, “We’ll see.”  We’re pretty sure to humans that means……maybe in elebenty billion years.


Oh well, please enjoy our colorful world.

12 thoughts on “Our Colorful World

  1. Beautiful…just gorgeous. Mom lost most of her perennials over the winter…her roses are kaput too. It is a chore to find phlox here and that is her favourite perennial. Maybe send the flowers on the other side of the gate…dandelions are not really welcome but they are perennial, . Never mind we’ll tough it out, MOL


    1. Shoko, you are so funny. Remember……….dandelions are special. Their name contains “lion” and a “lion” is sort of related to us house cats so that means our humans should plant fields of dandelions for us to show their love. 🙂

  2. Well you boys sure have some pretty flowers to watch…….I have flowers on our back deck in pots that I can see and once in a while a bird will visit so I totally approve of FLOWERS!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. I seem to kill anything that isn’t classified “animal.” But I do think they are beautiful and understand why they are where the boys can’t get to them. 🙂

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