I Was a Very Good Boy

Today was my big trip to the hospital.  I saw it on the calendar so when Mom tried being sneaky about it this morning, she wasn’t fooling me.  I played, “catch me if you can” thinking if I made Mom really late, they wouldn’t be able to do surgery.  It didn’t work.  I was over at the doctor’s house bright and early.  Even though they pretended to be super happy to see me, I was afraid something bad was going to happen.

What really scared me was when Mom left me.  She walked right out that door to her car and forgot to bring me with her!!!  The nerve!!

Well, even though it was a scary day for me, I was really good.  Here’s a picture of me when I was ready for surgery.  Notice that nobody has to hold me?  I’m always Mr. Mellow at the doctor’s house and they just love me.  Now my little brother is an entirely different story!

All Done

They gave me some stuff to go to sleep so I wouldn’t feel anything.  This is a picture of me off in dreamland.

Hemingway Ready for Surgery

I’m glad to see they had me all snuggled in.  They said I did really good through the whole procedure.

Hemingway after surgery

Here I am after surgery.  My eyes look a little droopy but they’re wide open now.  Mom was so happy to see me.  She said they took care of two teeth….one on each side.  At least I’m still balanced.  MOL!!!

I just wanted everyone to know that I’m doing great.  Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.  Poor little Steinbeck was really confused since I was gone all day.  I don’t think he knows what happened yet.

Mom sends a big thanks to the doctor lady for taking pictures of me while I was there so I could share them on our blog.

34 thoughts on “I Was a Very Good Boy

  1. Looks like you were an excellent patient and managed your surgery very well. We know you are super happy to be back home again. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  2. I’m so glad to hear you came through your procedure okay, Hemingway! Tell Steinbeck that the important thing is that you’re back and you’ll be back to normal, or maybe even better than normal, in no time!

  3. That sounded as though it was going to be very ouchie but we’re delighted to hear you are home again – don’t forget to pretend it was very, very ouchie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. So glad everything went well and you’re ok, my dear Hemingway. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards!

  5. Oh Hemingway I hope you weren’t TOO traumatized by being abandoned at the stabby place but now your teefs are all taken care of and you’re HOME so all is well. Glad you’re OK!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Hemingway, you are a great cat, you just waited on the table and didn’t try to escape. So took care of you very well, as we see in the photos and it is happy to hear you are a healthy boy.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  7. Oh Hemingway – we KNOW you are a very good boy ! We are super happy to learn you had your dental and are doing just fine ! Lots of healing purrs !

  8. New cat Gracie had two extractions in April. She was on pain meds for a few days. They helped. After the procedure, we could touch her mouth (which we couldn’t do before). In fact, the vet scheduled the surgery without looking in her mouth. We knew something was wrong but she wouldn’t let us see. Turns out she had two really bad teeth. All better now.

    1. Hemingway had no symptoms so we got it early. He had the dissolving tooth problem which I had never heard of before. He’s doing great now. Still doesn’t like to take pills but at least I can get the liquid pain meds down him.
      Thanks for caring!
      The Mom…………Pam

      1. Gracie didn’t have pills. She got the 2 week antibiotic shot and the pain liquid. The way I originally found her problem was that I had to pill her for something else. You couldn’t touch her mouth at all. Neither I nor the vet tech were able to pill her. I’m surprised that you are having difficulty after the pain meds. They made Gracie very mellow.

  9. dood; sorree ya had two go two de eeeeeeeevil place N we hope yur teeth iz soooper kleen sew ya due knot hafta go bak for that kinda stuff for like… 93 yeerz…. 🙂 ewe were veree brave !! ♥♥

  10. Hemingway you did fantastic! I am so proud of you. I know exactly what you went through as I went through it last year…two removals too. The tooth fairy should be visiting shortly.



  11. Hemingway, you have a super great vet to take pictures of you for your Mom and your blog. I just knew you would do well. Umm, didn’t you have surgery to lose some of your man parts when you were a kitten?

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