Kitty How-To’s….1….2…..3



Mom doesn’t know I’m up here writing to everyone.  I think she’s taking a nap.  She got older so she gets tired more now.  Kind of like us!

Anyway, I wanted to give you kitties a lesson on how to really frustrate your mom when she’s trying to give you a pill.  Mom always brags about how mellow I am and how I just don’t get uptight about anything.  Well, if I’m going to have to take a pill, it’s going to be in my time and in my own way.  Mom learned that the hard way.

Last night she got home from work and she started trying to give me my pill.  I would not cooperate at all.  She kept trying and trying and I kept spitting it out.  This went on all night.  She even tried putting it in yogurt and ice cream but I ate all around it.  I could tell she was getting frustrated ‘cuz she kept mumbling to herself.

Four hours later I still didn’t have the pill inside me.  Mom decided to take a break and read her emails.  She set my pill on the computer desk in front of the monitor hoping it would give her inspiration.  Before long I jumped up on the computer desk, looked at her, walked over to the pill and took a sniff………….and then I just ate it all up.  Down it went into my tummy where it was supposed to be.  MOL!!!!  Mom just looked at me with her mouth open!!!

So now your lesson on frustration is done.  Oh, there’s another pill that has to go down me tonight.  I’m not sure what I’ll do this time!!!

32 thoughts on “Kitty How-To’s….1….2…..3

      1. It’s great that you have such a trainable human! My tuxedo cat taught me to put his cherry liquid medicine into a bowl rather than try to squirt a syringe-full down his throat. Tuxedo cats must be especially clever, Hemingway!

  1. Ha, ha, ha. I can just picture that final scene. I think your Mom should tie a string loosely around your pill and drag it across the floor. And you look adorable with your toy!

  2. Oh Hemingway you are a man after my own heart – that’s JUST what I used to do with my pills – Mom would almost scream with frustration then WHAM BAM when she least expected it I’d take the pill EASY PEASY. Tee Hee…….Anyway, no more pills for me at the Bridge but I bet should the day come when Teddy needs pills, Mom will REALLLLLLY have had hands full with him!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

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