Help Wanted


Mom said we are little piggies.

She said, you’re the little piggy, Steinbeck.

All I wanted was this special toy.

toys 1

So I closed my eyes and started digging.  I used this foot first.  Then I just kept going.  I noticed that you came over to see what I was doing.

I couldn’t believe the mess you were making!  Look what you did!!


Now Mom says we have to hire a maid to pick up after us ‘cuz she’s getting tired of doing it and we seem to forget to do it.

How do we hire a maid?  Will the maid take catnip as pay?  I don’t have any human money stuff.  I don’t even know what a maid is.  I’m going to go play with my toys.

Readers, I live with him all the time!


16 thoughts on “Help Wanted

      1. The dogs could reach it but for some reason weren’t motivated enough to bother it. I was surprised.

  1. My youngest cat knocks the whole toy box over to better dig through the toys. Don’t tell Steinbeck though.

  2. The humans here have a housekeeping service that comes by every couple of weeks… and they don’t do that great of a job picking up our toys. At best, they will leave them in a pile. And they haven’t gone into my human’s office in months because she thinks it’s too messy for them to clean! Yes, she is very strange.

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