Red Dot Disease

red dot2

Hemingway, don’t look now but that red dot is right by you.  Hold still and I’ll get it for you.

red dot3

I think I got it but what do I do with it now?

red dot1

My feet feel kind of warm.  Why is that???

red dot5

 MOM!!!!  I have a headache!!!!

red dot 4

Oh great!  Now I swallowed the red dot!!!  Am I going to get Red Dot Disease???

Copy of P1040017

I swallowed the red dot before and I never got Red Dot Disease.  I think you’ll be just fine.

20 thoughts on “Red Dot Disease

  1. Why are you getting the red dot disease and hope you find out why you are getting hot – are you worrying about something?

  2. The red dot. Elusive and fascinating for kitties. Mom got one for me, but I look at her hand holding the dot’s origin, and I refuse to chase it. Less elusive and less fascinating for doggies.

    Love and licks,

    1. Cupcake, we know where the red dot comes from, too. In fact Steinbeck figured it out very quickly. He knows when Mom has that thing in her hand and that’s where he looks. Humans aren’t so smart after all. MOL!!!

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