Here We Come to Save The Day….


Mom…..I’ve got the computer on.  Can you get us to our blog?


Steinbeck!  What are you doing up there?  Mom’s going to get mad if you break her ‘puter.  You don’t know what you’re doing.


I’m not going to break it.  I just want to show our readers what Mom’s been doing.  We need to tell them that she went to the dogs again.

Steinbeck, she went to visit her friend who has two adopted dogs.  She didn’t “go to the dogs”.

Well, she wasn’t here and I missed her.  I just want to show the humans and fur people what she saw while she was gone.



What?                                          What?

I’ll put in some pictures from my trip if you stop causing such a ruckus.


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12 thoughts on “Here We Come to Save The Day….

  1. Hi boys! Mom and I think those photos are so pretty – beautiful flowers and such a pretty windchime……the woofies look like they are happy…..but we als
    think that photo of you two “having a conversation” is SWEEEEEET!

    Love, Teddy

    1. I love to help!
      You don’t know the meaning of the world help.
      Boys! Don’t argue. My friend Timmy does some amazing things with leftover metal pieces. He’s just getting started and is doing such a great job. I’ll let him know you liked it.
      Thanks, Amy. 🙂

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