In the Dog House

In the doghouse

Well, it’s sort of been a rough few days.  I had an upper respiratory infection and was on medicine for a couple of weeks.  Mom didn’t want me going outside.  Now it’s been raining so I can’t go outside.  That gives me cabin fever…..or so Mom says.


That has me totally confused.  You humans sure do say some really strange things.  Is this how you know a cabin has a fever?  Do you put the thermometer in the chimney?  We don’t even have a cabin so how could I have cabin fever?  No wonder I don’t know what’s going on!!!!

Anyway, you know that Mom had a big fight with bees not too long ago.  She had to be on medicine but she’s just fine now.  However, one night during that time, I was calmly sleeping on her head, listening to her snore.  (MOL)  Suddenly I had a “catmare” and it scared me so much that I jumped up and launched myself off of Mom’s face.  Yep… guessed it.  My claws managed to leave marks on her face and she started bleeding.  I felt so bad.  I couldn’t help it that I got scared.

So, I scratched Mom and then I’ve been busy knocking things off of shelves, tables, bookcases, desks, and whatever else is handy ‘cuz I have this “cabin fever” bug.

Do any of you have these problems?

24 thoughts on “In the Dog House

  1. Boy, does that ever sound like our house! This week, our sister Tessa has gotten into two fights, knocked a plate off the counter, sneaked into the treat jar, and clawed holes in Mom’s arm in an attempt to jump up on the desk in a most ungraceful and unladylike fashion! Let’s hope next week is a better one!

  2. Cabin fever doesn’t sound like any fun at all. I hope you and your mom are feeling fine real soon. Bees and face scratching and infections and cabins with fevers are just not OK.

    Love and licks,

  3. Well, this wasn’t lately – it was last Spring, but my torbie Peaches was sleeping on my chest when another cat jumped on the bed, Peaches went ballistic (She has PTSD) and whapped me in the eye- luckily her claws were retracted, but she gave me enough of a black eye that people at work noticed it. So it is not that unusual.
    Hope Hemingway is over his URI !

  4. Aww, Hemingway, I’m sorry you’ve been stuck in the house for so long. This makes my human glad that none of us sleep on her head. I used to when I first came to live here, but I outgrew it pretty fast.

  5. I do hope that you feel better for sure – – – but that cabin fever thing is something that we all get a bit of from time to time. Mine happens when it’s RAINING WAY TOO HARD and I can’t go out with Mom for a walk. If it’s raining a little I can go but not if it’s HARD. I’m sorry you had a catmare and accidentally scratched your Mom – I don’t sleep with my parents (they snore and keep me awake) so no danger of that with my Mom and Dad but I’m sure they’d understand like your Mom did. Hang in there – your “fever” will go away and you can get back to your usual routine soon!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. We truthfully can’t say we have ever had a cat sleep on our heads. ~Lucy and Mom P.S. It’s been a rough month for your Mom.

  7. Wow, Hemingway…things have been in a bit of a turmoil around there. We usually try to break up all that you’ve been doing among several of us. Keeps Mom on her toes that way. We pray things are getting back to normal.Love and healing to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  8. I like jumping near/on my Mommy Housefolk’s head all the time. And then I step all over her computer keyboard and one time I broke the mouse and nearly encrypted her entire computer. It was at, oh, 3:00 AM and I had so much fun!
    Why does the cabin have a fever? Did it get sick from another cabin? You are correct, everything really is weird in your house, Hemingway.
    Be seeing you,
    P.S: Is Hemingway actually a Hemingway-Cat? By that I mean, is he Six-Toed? (There is a breed of cat called “Hemingways” and they happen to have six toes. Just wondering if he was one) 🙂

    1. Hi, Midnight! It’s fun to learn that other fur people have trouble understanding their humans, too. Obviously we are the intelligent ones! 🙂 Mom has visited Hemingway’s house and seen some of his cats. I have the normal amount of toes. However, Mom like Hemingway’s writings and that’s why she named me after him. Of course she was also thinking of his cats. 🙂

      1. I noticed you’re both named after great writers. 🙂
        Years ago, my mother had a cat from the Hemingway estate with the extra toes. His name was Pumpkin. He passed away a while ago, but his legacy lives on. From what I hear (sadly I never got to meet him), he was smart and handsome. We have pictures of him so I’m thinking of doing a post. My mother took his toe prints at one point (I have no idea how she got him to cooperate with that). Most Hemingways (the breed) are very mean. Pumpkin was not, and actually very sweet. He could open doors with round door knobs, proving wrong all those people that say “Oh, if your cat is opening the door, get round doorknobs; they can’t figure it out.” LOL. Those extra toes are amazing.
        P.S: Midnight agrees that cats are the more intelligent beings as well.

      2. What a neat story. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Mom loves to read and she figured if the boys were going to have a blog, they should be named after writers. (Mom has always come up with unique names for her pets. Just ask Doodlebug and Dickle Dackle. MOL!!!)

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