We Have a Question…

I tried explaining to Steinbeck about the leaves changing colors this time of year.

He never told me why they do it!

Anyway, I told him it was all part of nature and there was nothing he could do about it.

Well, I’m part of nature so why can’t I change my color?

Remember people……….I have to live with him.  Anyway, Mom took a picture of a tree by us that has leaves who have decided they no longer want to be green.  Steinbeck hasn’t personally seen this tree, but he did look at the picture.


I figured I could change our colors, too.  Wouldn’t it be cool if I turned green in the fall and Hemingway turned red?  I was hitting buttons on the computer and suddenly this happened:



It’s kind of like putting on colored glasses, Steinbeck.  I think I still look very regal in shades of red.  You, however, look a little sickly.  I think we should stick to our own colors and not try to change like the leaves do.

But nobody has explained to me just why the leaves aren’t happy staying green.  I think green is  a pretty color.  Of course compared to GINGER, it really pales in comparison  MOL!

21 thoughts on “We Have a Question…

  1. We mostly only have two leaf colors here in southern California: green and brown. We don’t get to have all the cool colors other parts of the county have.

  2. Steinbeck, sweetie, what you haven’t seen yet is that after all the pretty color, the leaves turn brown, die and fall off the tree. if the same thing happened to you as it does to the trees, you would die. Just enjoy what nature gives us. 🙂

  3. Mum told us to try and look round so she can see which of us looks best – Hannah in Black or Lucy in tabby!

  4. Steinbeck, you may not change colors like trees do, but you fur changes when you shed old fur in the spring and summer and by fall you get brand new furs fluffing you up to keep warm until spring comes again. It’s kind of the opposite of trees. I don’t know why they want to be naked in the winter when it’s cold. It maybe has to do with the trees conserving their energy for spring and they fgo into hibernation (a long sleep) for the winter so they dont get cold.

    Good question though. Always stay curious and willing to learn new things!


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