Sleepy Selfie Sunday

Hey everyone!  it’s time for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop with our friends.

This is supposed to be Labor Day Weekend, but we think Mom considers it napping weekend.  She’s sure not doing that much labor!

She’s been out in her hammock reading.  At least she let us come outside, too.

When Steinbeck grabbed the flashy box when I was trying to take a nap, I got kind of upset.

I wanted to get a picture of you in a goofy pose.

Look who’s talking!

Well, we hope everyone is having a delightful weekend!

Nap time

22 thoughts on “Sleepy Selfie Sunday

  1. Maybe a little goofy, Hemingway, and definitely super handsome with your gloriously floofy furs. Our mom has spent all afternoon on our catio as the weather as been unseasonably cooler than usual. Dad’s been there some as well. It’s been nice to have the company. Happy your mom let you go outside with her. Thanks so much for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    1. Hey guys……….Mom’s been kind of lazy lately. She said she was busy, Steinbeck. Whatever! Anyway, she hasn’t let us post for a few days so we told her we just had to do the blog hop today and visit all of you!
      Stereo purrs……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

  2. I am catching up on the Sunday Selfies (you know we are late because we have been running an auction for Austin Pets Alive).

    We think you DO look goofy but Mom deserves a little bit of time in a hammock – right?

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

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