Field Trip My Fluffy Paw!!!

Mom got me all excited about taking a field trip tonight.  She put my blankie in the box I like to play in and she even put a toy in there.  Then she put me in there!  Next thing I know I’m in the car and we’re going somewhere.

This doesn't smell like home
I don’t think I like the smell of this place.

When she finally let me out of my box, I knew I was in trouble.

What makes you think I'm mad
I’m not happy about this so called field trip idea of yours!
I'm going to keep singing the song of my people
No I will not stop singing the song of my people.  In fact…..I may sing it even louder!

I found a chair to hide behind where nobody could see me.  If you notice, there’s a treat on the floor.  The doctor lady tried to bribe me with a stupid treat but I didn’t fall for it.

Nobody can see me behind this chair

Then the doctor lady came to talk to me and she was being all nice and friendly.

Can't you tell I'm trying to hide

Call me squishy face

I even had to do a squishy face for them!

Think light

I tried to distract them so they wouldn’t see how much I weighed.  Here I am thinking really light.  It didn’t work.  Would you believe I weigh 12 pounds!!!  The doctor lady said I could lose a little weight.  How rude!

I'm running away from home

Maybe I should run away from home.  I can’t believe that doctor lady said I should lose weight!  Only Hemingway needs to lose weight.  Not me!!!

Don't care about the window view

Mom!  I don’t like your idea of a field trip at all.  Don’t ever try to pull that on me again.  Now let me eat and leave me alone.

From the Mom:  Tonight Steinbeck made more noise than he ever has.  Usually at home he just has this quiet little squeak.  Now I know that he’s been hiding a very loud voice.  Oh boy can he sing the song of his people at the top of his lungs!!!  He’s not Mr. Mellow Cat at the doctor’s house like Hemingway is, but they all love him there ‘cuz he’s so soft and fluffy.  He did great with his shots and his nail trim and I was very proud of him.  He was pronounced fit and healthy so he doesn’t have to go back for a year.





23 thoughts on “Field Trip My Fluffy Paw!!!

  1. Oh Steinbeck – I’m so sorry your Mom tricked you into thinking you were gonna have a FUN adventure when you really had to see Dr. Stabby instead! Shots, nail trim, and the insult of being told you’re chubby. If you’re in trouble at 12 lbs. I’m scared to hear what they say about me next visit at 16 lbs. EEEK.

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Teddy, I made up with Mom later and let her sleep with me. 🙂 She and the doctor lady both said I was super good. I think the doctor lady forgot to consider how much all my floofy fur weighs. Good luck, Teddy!
      Fluffy purrs………Steinbeck

  2. Reminds me of Hazel’s first trip. She was small enough to crawl under the radiator in the exam room. We had a hard time getting her out. Next time I went, there was a grate around the radiator so nothing could crawl underneath!

  3. Your Mom just said that you are fit and healthy…so that means, NOT FAT! We are afraid the next time Cooper Murphy gets weighed, he will be put on limited rations. He is HUGE! One treat cannot tempt a kitty from behind a chair. Maybe the entire container. Glad you survived your ordeal. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    1. Mom agrees that I’m just fine. She thinks all scales are rigged. MOL!!! We think Cooper Murphy is perfect!!! Hemingway is also huge and there’s just nothing wrong with that ‘cuz he’s healthy. Doctors are silly. 🙂
      Stereo purrs……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

  4. Glad you’re all fit Steinbeck. When my Dr asked me if I could get on the scale, I just said “no thank-you” bahahaha! I’m sure the song of your people was done brilliantly xo B

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