Our Minds Wander…..

We have a window.  From this lovely perch (not the fish kind), we can see all sorts of things.

Side by side

Sometimes we see doggies walking on OUR street!

Steinbeck, don’t be selfish.  Sometimes we see birdies and butterflies.

Steinbeck looking up 1
There goes a birdie now!

Oh……..and remember the kitty I saw underneath the window?

Yes, that is the kitty who lives next door.

I’ve even seen squirrels running around the flowers, looking for stuff from the bird feeder.Steinbeck looking up 2

I had my mouth open and Mom said a fly might go in there!  YUK!!!

Hemingway dreaming

Sometimes I get to sit quietly at the window all by myself.  I dream of a world without orange.  I dream of a front yard filled with catnip.  I dream of peace and quiet.  (Mom says sometimes she dreams of that, too……especially when I wake her up at 4:30 in the morning!)

Surrounded by ginger

However, the reality is that I’m surrounded by orange!  Even the table kitty is orange!

Side by side 2

I guess it’s really not that bad.  I do have my little brother to help me look out the window.  Sometimes he warns me if there’s something spooky out there, but most of the time he’s just busy looking all over the place.

So, that’s the “tail” of our window.  Don’t worry.  We actually have plenty of windows but this one is our favorite.  We can see when Mom comes home from work.

Hemingway, do you hear Mom getting something out of our treat drawer??????



15 thoughts on “Our Minds Wander…..

  1. Oh orange is definitely a very “IN” color……I ought to know – Angel Sammy told me when someone brought me to the shelter that the minute his Mom and Dad saw me, I’d get my FOREVER and he was RIGHT. See? Orange is LUCKY and Hemingway, if you stick with that little orange dood you have for a brother, luck will definitely be with you both!

    Hugs, Teddy the Orange

    1. Don’t worry, Teddy. I really do like orange and I’m going to keep Steinbeck. He’s way too much like Shakespeare was. Mom loves both of us and we are very happy to be living together. Have a super day!!!
      Stereo purrs….black and orange…..Hemingway and Steinbeck

  2. doodz….we gotta agreez itz best knot ta sit on perch; they due best ona plate witha side oh friez…sum times a samich iz good tho two….N like dawg tee vee iz way better…. N ewe noe what tee vee…just sayin ~~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥

  3. The perch – not the fish kind. MOL! Our Mom spewed out her water when she read that. Little brothers seem to make good lookouts, especially ones with orange on them. Our older sisters Miss Newton and Tessa get on the counter all the time and our brother Quint always distracts Mom and Dad from ever knowing that. At least we’re pretty sure they don’t know it.

    Hey, they won’t read this, will they?

    1. We put our paws over the screen so Mom couldn’t read this. We have a feeling she would be spewing water all over the place, too!! Orange is definitely filled with mischievous traits……according to Mom. 🙂

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