Mom, is this Snowvember now?  Those people on TV who point at maps and numbers and things promised there was going to be snow today.  I figured when I woke up from my nap this afternoon, it would look like this outside:

Snow 2016

This is what Snowvember looked like last year.  It was my first Snowvember so I thought it would always be like that this time of year.

You were wrong.

Well, Hemingway, so were those weather people on TV.  I thought humans weren’t supposed to lie to fur people.

No Snow

Just look at this, weather humans.  Do you see any snow at all by my feet?  You promised snow for today.  What happened???


This is what I should look like today.  My fur should be all white and the ground should be white and there should be little white things falling from the sky.  When the weather humans say there’s going to be snow…….there better be snow!!! 



Oh mighty weather humans, do you see what you’ve done?  You have made it impossible for me to live with this cranky orange cat who thinks it’s Snowvember.  Mom doesn’t want snow so I don’t understand why Steinbeck wants it.  Is there any hope for me to have a peaceful life???  Oh, and can you take his soap box away from him?  Thank you very much.