Guess What?????


Guess what………guess what……..guess what…………..

I’m so excited.  I want to should the news from the rooftop!!!


Mom took some pictures outside when she got home.  She showed them to me and I was so happy.  Before you ask…….no I have not walked in it yet.  Hemingway told me I wouldn’t like it.  Besides, Mom doesn’t want us going out when she gets home from work ‘cuz it’s getting dark.  I hope you enjoy the Snowvember Pictures!!!

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20 thoughts on “Guess What?????

  1. It’s so pretty! Here in Oregon we had our first snow up in the mountains so people are excited to go Skiing! Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor await. We won’t be seeing my uncle Russ or Aunt Edit very often. They ski all the time.

    I am glad it’s not snowing down here in the city of Portland though and so is my mommy! She drives about an hour away for work daily and her car is not equipped for snow. But usually in the city or valley we only get 1-2 snow days a year.

    Buddy, our angel dog, loved it. But us kitties would rather stay warm. But it’s beautiful watching out of a warm window!

    1. Mom says she’s been out in your area and thinks it’s so pretty. We usually get lots of snow in the winter but Mom is fine with it waiting until later. So nice chatting with you. Oh, we have an angel dog, too and she loved the snow!
      Stereo purrs………..Hemingway and Steinbeck

  2. Oh Steinbeck you got some SNOW! Please tell me what it’s like if you get to go out and TOUCH it……I’m excited for snow here but no sign of it yet…….you lucky boy!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. These are wonderful photos! The mom brought some snow in for us to check out once. Maybe your mom could do that, too. I was an outdoor cat for the first year of my life (with the Mom’s dad) and wasn’t interested in the snow at all. Carmine checked it out, but he was pretty indifferent about it, too, MOL!

  4. I love the picture of the huckleberry in the snow. I bet you will be getting lots more snow. We never know if we will get any from year to year here in Tennessee.

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