Oh My

Readers, we have a problem!  I like to sleep with Mom and she likes it when I purr in her ears.  Now that winter is coming, I like to sleep on top of her head so she doesn’t get cold.  She doesn’t mind as long as I don’t snore.  Some of you already know this about me but I’ll explain to the new people.  Sometimes at night I have “nightkitties”.  You don’t know what they are?  I know some of you do ‘cuz I’ve talked about them before.  Mom talks about “nightmares” but I told her that since I’m not a horse, I can’t have “nightmares” so I have “nightkitties”.  Oh, and Mom has “nighthumans”, in spite of what she says.

Anyway, when I have a “nightkitty” and get scared, I tend to launch myself off Mom’s head.  Of course for extra traction my claws are out a little.  That’s the bigger problem!  Poor Mom has marks on her face that I made.  Currently she has a big scratch on her chin from one of my launches the other night.

Mom says I should launch straight up like the normal rockets and not touch her.

I should launch like this.


But I launch like this.

So, I’m wondering if there are any Launching 101 casses anywhere in the Blogosphere.  I don’t want to leave marks on Mom’s face.  By the way, Steinbeck never does this.  Launching sideways is my very own special problem.

Thanks for listening!

22 thoughts on “Launching!

  1. Wow! My human never had any kitties getting bad dreams. If she did, she would encourage them them to sleep next to her, on top of the blanket, so she wouldn’t get hurt in the launching part.

  2. Oh Hemingway I’m sorry you have nightkitties…..and launching is just a reaction to being scared but claws on Mom’s skin even accidentally is scary. I hope you can figure out an answer – I’m sure you both enjoy the snuggling but OUCH!!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. She actually doesn’t mind the scars. She says they are battle wounds! Besides, they don’t last long. If I happen to get her really good sometime, I’ll have her check with you on the best concealer. 🙂
      Giant purrs…………Hemingway

  3. Maybe you need some dream therapy? Or some relaxing cat yoga before bed so you don’t have bad dreams? I am glad that I have never had nightkittens that I can remember but I hope you find a solution soon. Maybe just scoot down a little and curl up under your mommie’s arm and she will keep you safe.

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