Wednesday Whoppers

Steinbeck was really hungry.  He was wandering around the house telling anyone who would listen.I'm going to keep singing the song of my people

Grocery Inspectors

So I went shopping and got a new kind of cat food.  Steinbeck wanted to check it out and make sure I got something good.

OH NO!!!!!!  Look what happened…………

He grew into a gigantic lion!!!!

bandw selfie

Mom, that’s a mighty big tale you’re telling.  Our readers are going to think you’ve lost your mind.  We already know you have but we were trying to keep it from them.  MOL!

Well, the pictures of the lion are real.  That was something delivered to our warehouse at work today for storage .  The lion was in a large crate and completely covered with plastic wrap so it was hard to get good pictures of it.  I would have loved to see that lion running free in the jungle instead of on display that way.  However, it was incredibly fascinating to look up close and personal at that magnificent cat.  What a unique opportunity for us at work today.

You didn’t try to bring it home, did you????

19 thoughts on “Wednesday Whoppers

      1. Ha, ha. Then I thought, how can the lion breathe if he’s totally surrounded by plastic? Then, why can’t he claw his way out? And then my husband brought me back to reality, LOL!!

      2. That’s something else that went through my mind as well. I do have a vivid imagination, must be leftover from not being stuck in front of video games as a child, but fighting dragons and pirates and playing school and digging to China. 🙂

    1. MOL! Mom said that food is NOT for us. She thinks the lion is magnificent. She wanted it to be real. However, there wouldn’t be room for that lion in bed with us and we don’t have a litter box big enough!
      Stereo purrs……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

  1. Steinbeck, my kitty boys always get fed before I fix my own meals, but that gives them time to finish their meals, then come over to the kitchen to bug me for more, more, more! “What’s the matter, kitties? Your tape worms finish feeding already?” LOL!

    1. Hey…..we get fed before the humans, too. Then we usually have time to wash up and then go check out what the humans are eating. I guess it’s a kitty tradition! MOL!!!
      Stereo purrs………..Hemingway and Steinbeck

  2. WOW! That’s a big lion – had it once been alive or was it just a big old stuffed thing??? I think they are beautiful and Mom thinks at the rate I’m growing I might be that big one day (eeeeek). Seriously, Steinbeck I hope you enjoyed your new foodables that your Mom got……sometimes we can roar though if we’re hungry!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Wowowowow! That was really at your work? where was he going? What an odd way to transport him!!!!!

    With warm regards,


    “Now is the time and here is the place to practice kindness and pray for grace.” Sue Rowe

  4. I giggled at your tall tail (snicker, get it)

    But my heart broke for the idea of anyone hunting and killing such a beautiful animal. I hate trophy hunting and typically the people who do it. Hate is such a strong and offensive word but I’m willing to use it in their case. Their ego’s are so enormous, I’d like to turn the tables and have them be the hunted. See how it feels to face death for game…..sorry about this rant…I’ll scurry away now.

    Love you guys!

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