We Made It!!!

Mom says we should let you know that we survived the holidays and we’re ready for 2018.

Hemingway and wrapping

Well, I for one had to work very hard!  I turned 8 years old on December 24th so of course I had to check on all the presents.  Steinbeck was really slow about getting involved in all the mayhem but once he discovered that we had a Bolt, he got very excited chasing the red dot all around.

Big Sleep 2018

This is my safe place.  I’m way up on top of the computer desk so I can supervise Mom as she works on our blog.  Mom always smiles when she sees me up here ‘cuz she said Shakespeare used to sit up there all the time, too.

Tired Boy

Well, it was hard work turning eight so I had to get my rest in when I could.

My Big Box

Mom…is this box for me?  How do I get in it?  Is there a special door?

From the Mom:  Special greetings to all our friends!  We hope 2018 will be a special one for all of you and that it will be a year filled with kindness, love and peace instead of hatred, crimes and cruelty.  The boys had a fun time exploring new toys and new treats.  They’ve been doing lots of napping lately.  So have I!!  It’s been really cold and we do have snow on the ground but not much.  I hate to think of heading back to work tomorrow ‘cuz I know the boys will be at home sleeping in sun puddles.  Oh well….I guess someone had to pay for their food!  I hope to do a better job of sending you updates and funny stories in 2018.  Sometimes it gets really hard working full time and trying to get all the fun things done.  Thanks for following us!!


24 thoughts on “We Made It!!!

  1. You’re 8 Hemingway. I’m 9! Not an old crock yet but soon enough we both will be. hehe Steinway…you should try jumping on your mom’s head from that height bet that’d wake her…hehe

    All the best in 2018

    1. Shoko!!! Happy New Year!! At least you’re still older than me so you’ll be an “old crock” before me! I do enough jumping on Mom’s head so I don’t think we should teach Steinbeck to do it.
      Giant purrs………Hemingway

  2. WOW Hemingway – eight years old? Time flies doesn’t it? Looks and sounds like you and Steinbeck had a nice holiday. Let’s hope that the new year is super wonderful for ALL of us!!!

    Love, Teddy

  3. Happy Birthday Hemingway! Wishing many more of them to come. You are still young. And Happy Blessed New Year to you all and let’s all just make 2018 a great and fantabulous year and get a little crazee along the way. CHEERS! Patzy

    1. This cold weather means lots of cuddles. Yes, we really do love our Bolt! Mom says she really likes it ‘cuz it frees her up to do other things. We’re not sure what other things she means….
      Stereo purrs……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

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