Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest

So, Mystery Guest, are you going to stay here forever?  Mom set you up and I just want to know why you’re taking up that spot.  You do realize that you’re mighty close to our scratching post.  I better not catch you using it!  What are all those lights and beeping noises you make?  Why do you sometimes chase me around the house?  You don’t know where my food dish is, do you?  You won’t get into my toys, will you?


Steinbeck……….that’s not a mystery guest!  That was a Christmas present for Mom.  It’s a vacuum cleaner but it’s much quieter than the big one.  But you don’t need to sit there all the time talking to it.  You should leave it alone.

I know, but it follows me around!

That’s probably ‘cuz you’re a mess!

From the Mom:  Yes, I got a robotic vacuum cleaner for Christmas and it’s great.  The boys were very confused the first time it started running around on its own.  However, since it doesn’t make as much noise as the big one, they didn’t feel the need to hide.  No, I won’t encourage them to ride it.  They are both big boys so it might be too hard on the poor “Mystery Guest”.  I’m sure there will be more “tails” regarding this new guest.