Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest

So, Mystery Guest, are you going to stay here forever?  Mom set you up and I just want to know why you’re taking up that spot.  You do realize that you’re mighty close to our scratching post.  I better not catch you using it!  What are all those lights and beeping noises you make?  Why do you sometimes chase me around the house?  You don’t know where my food dish is, do you?  You won’t get into my toys, will you?


Steinbeck……….that’s not a mystery guest!  That was a Christmas present for Mom.  It’s a vacuum cleaner but it’s much quieter than the big one.  But you don’t need to sit there all the time talking to it.  You should leave it alone.

I know, but it follows me around!

That’s probably ‘cuz you’re a mess!

From the Mom:  Yes, I got a robotic vacuum cleaner for Christmas and it’s great.  The boys were very confused the first time it started running around on its own.  However, since it doesn’t make as much noise as the big one, they didn’t feel the need to hide.  No, I won’t encourage them to ride it.  They are both big boys so it might be too hard on the poor “Mystery Guest”.  I’m sure there will be more “tails” regarding this new guest.

23 thoughts on “Mystery Guest

  1. My mommy’s boss just got one at her work. A Roomba. And once he turned it on he was following it around and talking to it. Most of the day! While mommy is trying to get him to answer work questions. Hahaha mommy says. She’s never met a man so interested in clean floors. So, It’s not just us kitties who are interested in this new robot thingie! MOL!

  2. My mommy’s boss just got one today at her work. It’s a Roomba. Once they received it at her work, he spent most of the day following it Round the office and talking to it. Just like a little boy with a new toy. Meanwhile, mommy is trying to get him to sign papers and answer work questions. Alas, there were no kitties at work to test it out. (They are dog people).

  3. I think I replied twice being a newbie. Didn’t think the first one took! Oh well, mistakes will be made. Patzy (and mommy who made the mistake). MOL. THIS IS NOW 3 Times. It will increase your stats at least.

  4. We’ve wondered how that little cleaner-upper would work in our house…..we have wood floors that transition to wall to wall carpeting that transition to area rugs then back to wood again……we might confuse the little machine too much! Have fun watching it though guys – I bet it works hard!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Teddy, it’s amazing! The little guy knows what to do as he moves from hardwood to carpet to tile to throw rugs. He even knows not to go down the steps! He’s pretty smart and we didn’t have to tell him anything!
      Stereo purrs……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

      1. Gosh maybe my Mom ought to get one of those machines – I think at 18 lbs. I might be a little too BIG to ride around on it though which I think would be a lot of fun! 🙂

        Hugs, Teddy

  5. I sure do need one of those. With 2 large shedding dogs in the house (Lucy and Riley) I get so discouraged vacuuming one day and almost as much hair in the house the next day. Maybe I should buy my hubby one for his birthday this month! (he never vacuums or cleans the house)

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