Sunday Selfie


Mom said I could do the selfie today.  She and her brother sometimes laugh at me ‘cuz I sit and stare at dirt.  I love doing it and I always have.  This is one of my favorite pots.  I just sit and stare and think about wonderful things.  I talk to Shakespeare and ask him how all our friends are doing on the Other Side of the Rainbow Bridge.  I talk about the weather and how cold it is.  I talk about the little one, Steinbeck.  Believe me……..he’s not so little when we’re wrestling!  Dirt listens to me and it understands me.  What’s so wrong with that?

Here’s the original picture before Mom messed around with it.

DSC_0104 (1)

I hope you have a wonderful day and that you check out the selfies of all my other friends at the Selfies Blog Hop.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie

  1. Oh Hemmy – I think it is wonderful (the humans would call it “Zen”- that you can talk to dirt – and Shakespeare, and all your other friends. Purrs.

  2. Humans just don’t understand, Hemingway… we kitties have our ways of communicating. You know, maybe it’s not necessary for humans to understand anyway.

  3. You probably see things there that no one else sees because they aren’t as perceptive as you are. Dirt is alive, meaning that it is full of living things such as bugs and other organisms. It’s just like listening to silence. Just because there is no tv or radio on in your home does not mean there is nothing to hear.

  4. There is often magic in a pot, or a mouse or an insect… I thinks you are doing a good thing, and I know I would too. I love the colours on the art picture, but you cant beat the original MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  5. Cats are not afraid of dirt, or dust. They see and hear what’s there while sad humans can feel none of it (sad huh?)

    Sorry we are late for the selfie this week. Dad’s home and try getting online time while your dad’s at the beach HUH!!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

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