A Normal Night

We spent all day waiting for Mom to get home.

Steinbeck, you were sleeping most of the time.

That’s how I do my best waiting!

Mom finally got home and gave us supper.

That’s why we wanted her home.  Oh……..and of course we wanted to see her, too.

Black and white with red

Then we started playing.  At least I started playing.  I found this red feathery thing and I thought it looked so neat against my white and black furs.  Notice how white my fluffy tummy is?  Steinbeck doesn’t have a white tummy.  That’s how you can tell us apart.  MOL!!!

patiently waiting

That’s a nice toy you have there, Hemingway.  Are you going to let me play with it?

Will you shareSteinbeck, can’t you go find your own toy?  Why do you have to have mine?  (By the way readers, do you notice that Steinbeck doesn’t have a white tummy?)

Can I have it now

But see how nice it looks with my furs?  It really blends in.  Please let me play.

sharing is fun

Fine.  I know Mom likes us to share and play nice.  We should do it for her and show our readers that we do get along.

Thanks, Hemingway!


22 thoughts on “A Normal Night

  1. Well I know that sharing is the right thing to do but it’s not easy when SOMEONE is always trying to steal your toys right Hemingway? I’m SURE if Steinbeck looked around he’d find a toy that looks as nice with his orange as yours looks with your black and white!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. I applaud you, Hemingway, for being such a good big brother. Lucy also does great at being a big sister, despite a very aggravating little Xena. (Don’t you sometimes wish you could just smack him?)

    1. Oh yes!!! However, Mom tells me that I was just as much a pill when I was young. The only problem is…….I’ve always been the oldest. Well, I take that back. When we had Ebony, our basslab, I was younger but that’s when I was a little kitten.
      Giant purrs……….Hemingway

  3. In the picture at the top of your blog it looks like maybe Steinbeck had a white tummy when he was smaller, It is nice that you can share toys.

  4. How much fun you two have! Mommy was giggling at your post and the comments! So true that we want to play with what the other one has. Earlier today I was playing with a juice top ring and brought it to mommy. She tried to throw it at me a few times to see if I would catch it and bring it back. I almost did but then I decided to play with her stylus pen that she was using. So she tricked me and hid the stylus under her lap and picked up the juice top ring and pretended to use it on her iPad. That was all it took! I grabbed that ring and ran off with it! She tricked me – my own mommy! Sheesh.

    1. All humans seem to be like that. Our mom tricks us all the time! Oh, and we also love to play with whatever she’s using! We’re so glad you found us and can read about our adventures. Thank you for the kind words.
      Stereo purrs……..Hemingway and STeinbeck

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