National Kiss a Ginger Day

Big Boy Steinbeck

What do you mean it’s “National Kiss a Ginger Day”.  Don’t you mean “National Kiss a Ginger Year”???

Steinbeck…..have you looked at that picture?


You look like an enormous puffball!!  You also look like you’re falling asleep!

It’s the camera angle, the lighting, and the fact that I’m balancing on a ledge.  It’s still better than this one:


MOL!!!  I remember that one.  They took it at the vet’s house on your first visit when you were really little.  You had just had your ears cleaned and you were not happy.  Mom said you were sporting “helicopter ears”.  Didn’t she promise to have them take another picture that looks better?

Yes……..but they still have this picture.  How’s a guy supposed to meet cute girl cats with a picture like this?  Now, about this “Kiss a Ginger” day.  Do I get treats?

From the Mom:  I do the daily Out of Office list at work and I always try to find some unique celebration or holiday going on for each day.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered January 12th is “National Kiss a Ginger Day”.  Now I suppose I have to find out when “Kiss a Tuxie Day” is, too!

36 thoughts on “National Kiss a Ginger Day

  1. Aw! I wish I still had the late Louie the ginger kitty! I’d kiss him in a blink of the eye. Ginger tabbies are the sweetest kitties there are! (And they are very pretty, too!)

      1. Yes, Andy and Dougy the Persian kitties replaced Louie in my home. I don’t feel disloyal to those kitties for having fond memories of Louie.

  2. With 4 cats there are only a few spots of ginger (very few) on Mollie and Hazel. However, we will proceed with the kisses anyway. BTW you need a good picture for your dating site. Gingers always attract pretty lady cats.

  3. I have a bit of ginger on me. Would I be eligible to be a future girlfriend of yours maybe? Or even just a friend in training to be a girlfriend? Mommy says that Gingers are the sweetest of cats also and since I have a bit of all colors I have a bit of all personalities to live up to. Sweet, spicy, saucy and a bit bossy also! Luvs, Patzy!

  4. WOW……Steinbeck you do look rather like a large orange puffball but we know you have long furs…’s a great photo – but we also like your helicopter ears photo too when you were tiny. Kiss A Ginger Day was BIG here too – I always get lots of smoochie gooey stuff from Mom but yesterday was a BONUS day!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Cooper Murphy cannot believe we missed kiss a ginger day; though, Mom did kiss him many times yesterday. Steinbeck, you are absolutely adorable in both of these photos. We are surprised the lady cats are not storming your door. if your mom finds out there is Kiss your tuxie day, please let us know. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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