I’m So Embarrassed!!

What a week!  I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even talk about it until now.  Mom said I could put my art up today so let me start with the normal picture.

Ruff Day for Hemigway 2

Mom went to work Thursday morning and Steinbeck and I did our normal things.  We found sun puddles and started napping.  Shortly after that, Mom came in the house again.  I looked at her and wondered why she was home so early.  Then my mental acuteness kicked in.  I knew this was trouble and the trouble was going to involve me!

Mom tried to pick me up off the floor and somehow she managed to fall flat on her face.  I scooted away but Steinbeck stood there and wondered why she was on the floor.  She finally got up and started looking for me in all my favorite hidey spots.  I had her fooled.  Then she asked Steinbeck where I was.  That little squirt ratted me out and led Mom right to where I was hiding!!  Can you believe it??

We finally got to the doctor’s house.  (Yes, I had figured out that’s where we were going.)  Mom had trouble getting me out of the car.  She doesn’t put me in a carrier ‘cuz I weigh 22 pounds and normally I’m really calm.  I was calm this time but I was super slippery.  I turned myself into oil and Mom just couldn’t hold me.  I found my moment to escape and I went under her car.  She was in the parking lot walking all around the car and kneeling in the snow and ice.  I kind of felt sorry for her ‘cuz she’s told me that she has fake knees and it’s hard to kneel.  However, I didn’t feel sorry enough to come out from under the car.  Mom walked into the doctor’s house and told them I was there but I was under her car and wouldn’t come out.  They know me there and Mom said there was a little laughing.  Hmmmmmmmmmm

Next thing I knew, Marcus came out with this big net.  I wondered if he was going to try to catch a fish or a butterfly.  Surprise!  He used it to catch me!!  Do I look like a fish or butterfly??  He picked me up and carried me into the clinic and even though I voiced my opinion, I didn’t try to get loose.

What was my problem?  It’s so embarrassing!  I had dirty pants.  I have long fur and sometimes it gets matted back there ‘cuz I won’t let Mom brush me or trim me there.  She can brush me all over but not there!  So, I was ready for a trim and a little cleaning.  They also checked those nasty anal glands and made sure I didn’t have any infections.  I won’t admit it out loud but I did feel better after they took care of me.

When we got home, I showed Mom what a good kitty I am.  She opened the back door of her car and I calmly walked out.  Then I walked to the gate and waited for her to open it.  I walked through the gate and right up to the back door and waited for her.  No problem at all.  However, I did go hide once we were inside.  I didn’t want to discuss what had happened with Steinbeck and I didn’t want to hear him laughing.

When Mom came home again at night, I was speaking to her again and I even slept with her.  It was such a ruff day but I’m all better and Mom is happy that I’m all clean.  Oh, that Marcus said something about me losing weight.  That wasn’t necessary!

So, here’s my Caturday Art picture for the day.  I hope I didn’t bore you with my antics.


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25 thoughts on “I’m So Embarrassed!!

  1. Wow, hemingway, that was quite an adventure. (Maybe we need a net for when the whippersnapper escapes and goes under Mom’s car.) Don’t feel bad for needing back-end grooming. The human’s have to take Giulietta occasionally for this same thing. She too loves to be brushed but not there. We like your expression in your photo as well as your art. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    1. Thanks guys. I knew the kittie world would understand me. It’s nice to hear that others have that problem. Mom said something about me losing weight so I can bend better. I think she just wants me to lose weight so she can lift me up. MOL!!!
      Giant purrs……….Hemingway

  2. After all that, we’re not sure we would have been so civilized. You are a greater cat than any of us! Pia has to have her pantaloons and um, nether regions trimmed all the time now, too, or else suffer your same problem. She doesn’t like it but she, too, says she feels better afterward. Beautiful art today!

    1. Thank you for understanding. It was a rough day for both Mom and me. She and the doctor guy said I need to be on a regular schedule for trims. I’m not so sure that’s going to be fun!!! Tell Pia I understand her pain. MOL! I’ll be sure to tell Mom that you liked the artwork she made.
      Giant purrs……….Hemingway

  3. What an exciting story. I’m glad there was a happy ending. One thing I know for sure is that if I ever went under Mom’s car and wouldn’t come out, she’s have a flat-out heart attack.

    Love and licks,

  4. Poor you…….well, as long as you can admit you FEEL better now that you had your bum-trim then all is well….at least until next time. I know how you feel about going to the vet – when I first was adopted I spent a lot of time at mine with a bad ear infection. Mom think they MIGHT mention my weight when we go in for my annual checkup……I’m not quite two and weigh 19 lbs. I say I’m just MORE TO LOVE!!! Right Hemingway? Right!!!!!

    Love, Teddy

    1. Teddy, that’s so true. I try telling the vet that my weight is all in my fur. I wonder if they weighed me before or after my trim. I can’t remember and I know that would make a big difference. Right? MOL!!
      Giant purrs………Hemingway

  5. Hemingway, we all cats have that kind of experiences of a cat and a vet. Everything will be fine, that selfie tells your story well. My sister on the Rainbow Birdge bite a vet, then mam and dad payed 20 euros for that bite and went back home.
    Your friend

    1. Kosmo, that wasn’t nice of your sister but she was probably really scared. I feel much better and I know the people at the doctor’s house really do love me and are happy to see me. I just don’t like my daily routine being changed. 🙂
      Giant purrs………Hemingway

      1. Yes, I think both my dogs would run if they saw you. Although Lucy might try to make friends. She’s just that way.

  6. Oh, Hemingway…that was quite a day you had! I sure hope Glogirly doesn’t hear about Marcus’ net technique because I’ve honed my esp skills so I can start hiding a good 24 hours before any vet appointment. Glad you’re feeling better, buddy.

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