Caturday Sunshine

Surprise!!!  We both got to go outside today.  Granted, we were only on the deck but that was fine with us.

We didn’t want to be walking in all that white stuff and getting our feet wet!

So, here’s the original picture Mom took of us.

Under the grill

Hemingway, why are you wearing the grill cover on your head?

I’m trying to hide.  Why are you trying to climb into my secret spot?

I’m looking to see if Mom left any food in here.

We were both so excited to be outside that neither one of us really knew what we were doing.  Mom took hold of the picture and this is what she turned it into.


She hit all sorts of buttons in LunaPic, including the needlepoint one.  She says she can’t remember for sure what all she did, but we kind of like it.  I think it shows Steinbeck’s best side.  MOL!!!

Well, my tail is really fluffy and full of different colors so maybe you’re fight.

He never knows for sure what I’m saying.



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