Friday Mystery

Mom came home tonight and she had a very confused look on her face.

We were both kind of giggling ‘cuz we knew what she was looking at.

You see, Mom brings in some plants over the winter and they make themselves at home until it’s nice enough to go back outside again.

Hemingway taught me how to stare at dirt.  We both love to do that and Mom has no idea what is so fascinating.

It’s our little game we play with her.


Now here’s Steinbeck showing how the plants are normally arranged.  It’s nothing fancy but at least they get to stay inside during the cold winter.


When Mom came home tonight, this is what the plant arrangement looked like.  Notice how that one pathetic Gerbera Daisy plant is now sitting on the white run, away from the others.  It’s not upside down or anything, and even still has it’s protective sheet underneath.  It could be that the plant moved over to get more sunlight.


In this picture, you can easily notice the empty space where the plant should be.


Mom, we had nothing to do with that plant moving.  It did it all by itself.

Actually, there might have been some leprauchauns visiting us a little early.

What are leopard cans?

You’ll find out tomorrow.  MOL!!!