Caturday Green Day

Top o’ the day to all of our readers.

Why are you talking funny, Hemingway?

I’m trying to be Irish.


‘Cuz it’s St. Patrick’s Day so everyone thinks they are Irish.


So they can drink green beer.

Does that mean we can have catniptinis?

Probably not.

Stupid humans.


Mom helped us make the Happy St. Patrick’s Day Caturday Art above.  She used special things from LunaPic and now it looks like I have orange furs like Steinbeck!

Here’s the original photo which shows that I’m the only one with orange furs.

Brotherly Love

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22 thoughts on “Caturday Green Day

  1. The Irish revere cats, especially Calico and Tortoisehell Cats because they bring them luck. But remember that orange cats bringing their color to a black and white kitty equals a Calico kitty. So you two combined – black, white and orange combined together equals good luck for you and your household! Happy St Patrick’s Day to all colors of cats which the Irish hold in high esteem!
    Luvz, Patzy

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