Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

It’s Sunday again and that means we were busy telling Mom to post our Selfies for the Blog Hop.  She decided to play with one of our pictures when we were playing together.


And lo and behold, when Mom got through messing with it, the picture turned out like this:


We are really enjoying the super nice weather we’re having this weekend.  Mom has let us play outside in the yard while she’s been busy doing stuff inside.  She says that weekends just go by too fast.  She’s still trying to get used to working full time at the new place.  She comes home from work really tired so she doesn’t get on the puter all the time.  We’re trying to help her as much as possible.  We’re always happy to see all our friends out in the blog universe.

Hemingway, why do you always do all the talking?

Do you have something to say?


That’s why.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

  1. When your Mom got done with your picture you look like tiger (Steinbeck) and a reverse tiger (Hemingway). Hoping your Mom’s stamina increases as she gets used to her new job. Tell her I said that resting is more important than a clean house right now, so take care of herself.

  2. Humans and work life (aka, cat life) balance. It is not easy, believe me I know. Best get staff to work part time at work and full time at home, with you all! Of course when they do, you have to make sure they don’t get distracted by other things…like retirement and home shopping channels!
    Really truly love your artwork this week, a real flare for colour and drama. Reminded Mrs H of Spain, though I don’t know why?

  3. You guys behave outside while your Mom is working inside, ok ? If she is tired all ready she doesn’t need to have to chase you down ! PURRS !

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