The Angels Were Baking

Hemingway!!!  Come look!!!  The angels were baking and they spilled flour all over the place!!


That’s not flour.  It’s snow.

Why can’t it be flour?  Wouldn’t the humans….especially Mom….be happier if it was flour?

Well, I think cleaning up flour might be more difficult.  If it rained, then the flour would turn into a sticky, icky mess.  With snow the humans just have to wait about six months and it’s all melted.

Six months?????  That’s forever in cat time.

Mom says it’s forever in human time too, when it comes to snow.

Well, I’m just going to believe that’s flour and that the angels are busy making me catnip cakes and pies.

8 thoughts on “The Angels Were Baking

    1. Hey Teddy………sorry I’m so late in responding to you. Our human has been super busy lately and we seldom see her. What is it with humans, anyway? Don’t they know naps are very important?
      Sleepy purrs……….Steinbeck

  1. Catnip cakes and pies sounds delicious! We don’t get much snow at our house, which is a good thing cuz hoomons around here can barely drive on a bright dry sunny day much less a snowy day. We just discovered your blog. Looking forward to hanging out with you. Purrs, Herman and Dori

    1. Hey….really nice to meet you Herman and Dori!!! We love making new friends. Our human has been rather lax in turning on the puter for us so we’ve been silent lately. We’re hoping she gets her act together real soon! MOL!!
      Stereo purrs………Hemingway and Steinbeck

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