Our First Day of 2019

Happy New Year, Readers!

Glad to see you made it into 2019. I had no idea we were going from one year to another.

I knew because Mom put a new cat calendar on the wall. She said the calendar is kind of sad this time ‘cuz it’s the last time she’ll get one from her friend. She got a call today and was told he passed away last night. Mom says it really puts a damper on celebrating a new year.

However, Mom also said that we have no known schedule that tells us exactly how long we have on this side of The Rainbow Bridge, and that goes for us fur people as well.

We don’t mean to be all down and sad today, but we do have to face facts. People and fur people are still hurting. There’s fighting, even between me and Steinbeck.

But that’s not real fighting. I just like to torment you to get your attention.

MOL!!! I know that. But there is sadness in the world and we can choose to focus on it, or be thankful for each moment we get and try to spread happiness.

I like that option. Each day of cold snowy weather gets us closer to summer when the catnip will be growing again.

Yes, and each smile you give to someone else, gets passed along to others.

Don’t forget hugs and scritches.

Right you are. See, that’s focusing on good things that make us happy. If we’re happy, it will spill over onto others and they will be happy.

Mom doesn’t like it when I spill things.

That’s not what I mean. This is something you would like to spill. It’s like looking outside, seeing the sunshine bouncing off the winter landscape, and being thankful you’re inside by the fire. It’s that warm cozy feeling you like to share with others.

Mom, we’re sorry you lost your friend. Maybe he’ll find Shakespeare and tell him hi.

For now, we’ll soak up the sunshine and let it spill all over the place and maybe some of it will reach you, dear readers.  May 2019 be gentle and kind to all of you.

I love how the sun warms my tummy.
I love how the sun warms my furs.

24 thoughts on “Our First Day of 2019

  1. We’re sorry about your mom’s friend. Sending her many purrs…and hoping the new year is a good one for all of you.

  2. We are so sorry your Mom lost her friend, Mommy and Daddy lost a friend today too. He was an Episcopal priest, a judge, a bee keeper, a bluegrass banjo player and a wonderful man, husband and father. Thank you for the sunshine you shared, and the reminder to always look for our blessings.

  3. So sorry to read this sad news concerning your Mom’s friend. My thoughts are with your Mom. Sending you hugs and lots of strength.

  4. Losing friends is a tough nut. Remembering them is important. I remember a doggy friend who used to work at the library with me. I miss little Sandy, but we remember him and talk about him a lot.

    Love and licks,

  5. We’re sorry about the loss of another friend – losses are tough aren’t they but we always remember our buddies and pals in that place in our hearts where they remain. We know it was a very hard time for many last year and we hope this year will be different – kinder, gentler, less argumentative, more fun…..life really is very short if you think about it. We need to keep the positivity going and LOVE one another in the NOW. Sending you all wishes for a fab 2019!!

    Love, Teddy and Mom too

    1. Teddy and Pam………we are so sorry that Mom hasn’t answered your very kind note until now. She claims she was busy but we think she was lazy. It’s ok though, ‘cuz she spends time playing with us instead of the computer so we like that. We hope 2019 is starting out to be a nice one for you. Mom has lost four friends already but she knows they are all dancing with the angels now and they are forever in her heart.
      Stereo purrs………Hemingway and Steinbeck

      1. Oh we love the idea that your Mom’s friends – and those of anyone else who has had that loss – are dancing with the angels. We believe that too!

        Hugs, Teddy

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