Monday, Monday…………


“Just walkin’ in the grass……….just sniffin’ all the smells……..just relaxin’ at the end of the day.”  dum de dum………..toodle do………..    I can hum but I can’t whistle!!!  If I could whistle, I would be letting everyone know how happy I am that the white stuff is going away.

Just a couple weeks ago, the front yard looked like this:


Now we can see where there will be grass……..and weeds!  MOL!!!  I hate to mention this to Mom, but she has lots of raking to do.

I could help with the raking.  I would attack all that stuff just like I attack my feathers.


Somehow I don’t think you’ll be doing any raking.  About all you do is venture out onto the deck and then run back into the house.

Well, there are lots of strange sounds and stuff out there.  I’m not as brave as you are ‘cuz I’m still a little kid.

I think I’ll wander around a little more.  Maybe I can come up with some suggestions for flowers that Mom should plant.  I think most of the gardens should have catnip, don’t you agree?


22 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…………

  1. Definitely Mom should plant catnip in the garden !
    What are those things on the ground in the first picture ? They sorta look like dried out banana peels,
    Steinbeck, you might not be very old, but I don’t think you qualify as a “Little” kid any more !!

  2. Nice of you to help your Mom keep an eye on the yard and figure out what needs to be done! Catnip is a MUST in a garden – and you all can help keep it “trimmed” down (haha).

    Hugs, Teddy

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