Monday Meanderings

After a rainy weekend, Mom wanted to be outside when she got home from work tonight so that meant we got to go outside, too!

imageedit_1_7395083386Here I am checking out this bush.  It’s supposed to have leaves on it but I don’t see any.


And here I am trying to convince Hemingway that I AM outside….it just looks like I’m not.  I’m trying to warn him about the strange smells and sounds out there but obviously he’s not listening to me.


Mom found some little flowers blooming on the other side of the fence.

imageedit_9_9724803294Here’s some more that she thought were really pretty.


Now this flower is not real, but it’s one of her favorites.  It was made by a friend of hers.  She has lots of his stained glass things both inside and outside.  She tells us we can’t touch them.

And this picture is the very best:


Mom found some catnip growing and she gave us some!  I was so happy that I even walked out on the deck.

I walked out on the deck before I knew anything about the catnip.  Guess who the brave one is???

16 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings

  1. We know you are the brave one, Hemingway. And our mom likes the pretty white flower best. She said it is almost translucent. That sounds kind of scary like it is out of a sci fi movie. xox Lucy and Xena

    1. We agree. However, we can’t “walk” to it ‘cuz it’s outside the fence and we’re not allowed out there. We have to rely on the humans to pick some for us…..but they’re really good about that.

  2. I think those little flowers might be crocuses – they spread once they are planted, even if your Mom didn’t plant them. The catnip looks great, but what are those spikey branches next to it ?

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