Using Our Cat Imaginations


Hemingway, I have a wonderful idea!  It will be great fun for a Saturday night when it’s still too cold to go outside.


You do realize that you woke me up from my nap, don’t you?  What is this big idea you had.

Well, you know how all the silly humans were talking about the “snirt” that fell on us this past week?  At first I had no idea what they were talking about but Mom finally explained that “snirt” is snow-dirt.  Seems we got some dirt and sand all the way from Texas and New Mexico mixed in with our snow.

I heard about that when those weather people were talking.  I don’t know where Texas is but Mom says it’s a long ways away and we can’t go there.  I don’t know if I’m real happy about them sending their dirt to us, though.  Maybe we should send them our snow!

I know Mom would agree with that.  However, my idea for tonight is to come up with some other snow addition possibilities.  I’ll go first.

Snatnip = snow and catnip (I’m all in favor of that)

Ok, I get it.  Here’s another one.

Snocolate = snow and chocolate (Mom would love that)

Snake = snow and cake.  (I don’t think I like that one.)

Snickles = snow and pickles (that just sounds funny)

Snizza = snow and pizza (that sounds like someone’s sneezing)

Snowdered sugar = snow and powdered sugar

Snuppies = snow and puppies

Snittens = snow and kittens

You’re right, Steinbeck.  This was a fun thing to do on a cold Saturday night.  Thanks for coming up with the idea.  Now let’s go to sleep.

The Boys 2018

18 thoughts on “Using Our Cat Imaginations

  1. That was fun. We think we’d like to make up some of those. We’ll put our thinking caps on and let you know if we come up with anything good. Love that first photo of you, Steinbeck. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  2. What a great way to pass the time. There is a book or two called Sniglets and people used to send them to a late night talk show and they published it. It had words like that. Mommy remembers “carperpetuation” which means when you are vacuuming and there is a string that the vacuum won’t pick up and you reach over to pick it up and drop it just to give the vacuum one more chance! Or kitties will like this one “door slinky” is the springy door stop that prevents the door from hitting the wall. Those are always fun to play with. Especially at 4 AM! Right?
    Luvz, Patzy

  3. When Mom was little, her mom used to make snocolate all the time. She put a baking pan in the yard to collect snow and then stirred in Nestles Quick chocolate powder. All the kids loved it!

    Love and licks,

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