Visitors All Over the Place

We’ve been having some lovely weather lately and Mom’s been letting us go outside with her.

She even found us some humongous, really big catnip leaves to enjoy.


Actually, I was a little more interested in my food dish.  Mom interrupted my supper with the chance to go outside.  I ran out quickly to see if there was anything interesting.  Then I figured it was best for me to get back in the house so I could eat Steinbeck’s food.


Hemingway…… stay away from my food!  I planned on eating that later.  Notice that I have a very determined walk…….and a rather stern look on my face?  Hemingway……I mean it.  That food is mine.

It’s a good thing we both went back inside because before long we had visitors.  Our “cousins” all came over.

There was Stella the Goofy Newfie.


Who me???

Then there was Static the old man.


Who are you calling old???

Then there was this new guy they called Sunny.  Well, it might be Sonny.  Mom forgot to ask!


Sure, I’m the new guy but I’m really cute and I have lots and lots of energy!


Stella had to show that her black furs show off all the dirt……..just like Hemingway.


Sunny likes to cuddle.


And Stella likes to stick her tongue out.


Steinbeck stayed hidden while our cousins were visiting, but I was curious so I went right to the door and looked out at Sunny.  He wanted me to come out and play but everyone said I had to stay in the house.  He’s real new and they didn’t want him scaring me.

So, our quiet evening got pretty rowdy and now we’re all ready to go to sleep.  Hey….our cousins didn’t get into our catnip, did they????


16 thoughts on “Visitors All Over the Place

  1. That’s a nice crop of cousins but I’m thinking your catnip supply was safe from them…..they’re more “in” to other kinds of treats than that!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Looks like your min-war of who is eating whose food was over pretty quickly. Maybe next time you can play with some of the woofies. And that last picture, it is cool how it shows Sunny’s reflection in the glass.

  3. I’m pretty sure your gorgeous cousins didn’t get the catnip, kitties. I just love them all! Maybe next time you can play with them. Or at least let them sniff you…

    Love and licks,

    1. We’ve played with Stella and Static before, but Sunny is new and his humans don’t know how he’ll react in different situations so they kept us separated. We were just fine with that. He’s total energy!!! MOL

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