The Cats Converse

The Boys 2018

Why are you so cranky, Steinbeck.


I’m not cranky.  See, I’m smiling.


That doesn’t look like  a real smile.  It looks like you’re forcing it.  In fact, you look kind of silly.  MOL!!!


Man…….you just won’t leave me alone, will you?  I think I’ll talk to our readers instead.  Guess what I heard Mom say.  She said she was going to have to shrink me.


Does this grass make me look too big?



I can still fit between the doors so I don’t need anyone shrinking me.


Oh Steinbeck, you still have so much to learn.  Mom isn’t trying to shrink you.  She said she was going to take you to a shrink if you didn’t stop being Mr. Cranky Pants.  A shrink is a doctor who can figure out what’s going on in your little cat brain.

Nobody’s touching my cat brain!  I’ll stop being Mr. Cranky Pants if everyone stops picking on me.   And Mom……………you’re still not going to shrink me.

22 thoughts on “The Cats Converse

  1. Gosh Steinbeck – a guy should be able to be a little cranky if he wants to be once in a while. It’s not easy being CHEERY all the time. I bet Hemingway has his moments too right?

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. I love this post! They are absolutely adorable. Love the conversation! Our Dizzy needs a shrink too. 😀 Thanks for making me smile today! 🙂

  3. Oh Steinbeck,, your Mom (and your brofur) really love you ! Are the hots getting to you ? They are beginning to wear on my kittehs,

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