Mom Says………..

………that today is National Cat Day.

We don’t get it.  Why do humans think they have to make a special day for cats?

Don’t they realize that EVERY day is CAT DAY???

Well, to celebrate us today, Mom let us go outside and play when she got home from work.

It was a little chilly but we had our fur coats on.


Steinbeck, those leaves sure look like your fur!


Be quiet.  I think there’s a black kitty over here in the leaves.  I’m going to pretend I’m ignoring him and see if he turns around.


I can see for miles and miles and miles from this spot.  I can see more leaves falling.  Mom’s not going to be happy.  Those trees are making a mess in the yard again.


Look Hemingway……..the leaves are making a mess on the sidewalk and the driveway, too.  Mom doesn’t let us make big messes like that.  How come the trees get away with it?


I don’t know.  I thought Mr. Outdoor Cat was supposed to be watching for stuff like that.


Hemingway………did you hear what Mr. Outdoor Cat said?  He said it’s going to get colder, all the catnip will die and then he mumbled something about the “s” word.  Can we convince Mom to move to Florida???

Why not?  After all it’s National Cat Day!!!


11 thoughts on “Mom Says………..

  1. You are RIGHT – EVERY day is National Cat Day…..we cats know that – why do we have to remind humans about it?? Leaves are falling here and making a mess – if it stops raining I think our landscaper peeps will come take the leaves away and we’ll wait for the next batch to fall. “Fall” is named that because the leaves fall…did you know that??? (hahaha)

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Teddy,
      We always count on you to come up with some important information! Our humans have been raking, blowing, mowing and bagging several times already and there’s still a mess. Oh well……….it keeps the humans busy and out of our fur. MOL!!!!
      Autumn purrs……..Hemingway and Steinbeck

  2. Yard messes go with the territory this time of year. Soon the messes WILL be from the “s” word. I will romp in it – till it touches my belly. Then I will watch it from the window. Stay warm, kitties.

    Love and licks,

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