A Tail of Two Names


Everyone knows my name is Hemingway.  No, I don’t have six toes.  Mom chose that name ‘cuz she liked the author.  Then she got another kitty and she named him Shakespeare.  He wasn’t with us that many years and then she brought another ginger kitty home and named him Steinbeck, after another one of her favorite authors.  She had decided she wanted us to have a blog and wanted us to have literary names.  She also didn’t want us to have names that everyone else had.  She’s strange that way.

Enough of the background information.  My question to all you readers is:  if I have the name Hemingway, why does Mom insist on calling me other names?  Do the rest of you have the problem?  I call Mom, Mom.  That’s all I call her.  I call my little brother, Steinbeck…….well, maybe sometimes I call him Brat……but that’s another story for another day.

Here’s a recent picture that Mom took of me.


One of Mom’s friends likes to call me Mr. Regal ‘cuz I’m always dressed in my finest tuxedo, ready for a party.  When Mom took this picture, she decided it really did show me as Mr. Regal.  I think I look quite like a king in that picture.

hemingway the male model

She also has another crazy name for me.  Would you believe she calls me, Inaway?  She said she came up with that name ‘cuz I’m always in the way.  Can I help it if she wants to walk wherever I stretch out on the floor?  I say it’s her fault.  I say that I get a vote on this and I’ll go for Mr. Regal instead of Inaway.

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “A Tail of Two Names

  1. I have noticed that my Mom has about a dozen names for me other than my ACTUAL name……I think it must be some kind of human “thing” to make up silly names for us – she says it’s a “term of endearment” – I say she’s just getting old and forgets my REAL name. Whatever it’s about I think we should just put up with it – after all, the food’s good, we have a warm bed, we get treats, life is good!!! By the way you do look VERY Regal !!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Many of my friends have had animals with second names like GetDown ! and NoNoNo ! It’s kind of good that you don’t have any names like that. What else does your Mom call Steinbeck ?

  3. Those names aren’t terrible, H. Mom has some names for me like Stubborn, Naughty, and Miserable. She named me Cupcake because I’m so sweet. I guess sometimes I’m not!

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake AKA: Lazy

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