We’re Helping Mom


Hemingway!!  Come here.  Quick.  You have to help me.  It’s very important.


Steinbeck…………hold down the noise.  Can’t you see I’m helping Mom?  Remember she has to work from home now so I have to help her with her stuff so she doesn’t work too many hours.  If I didn’t help her, she’d be working for elebenty billion hours.  Now what is it you want?

I want you to come here!  Right now!!

Ok………fine………I’m coming.


So why am I here?  What am I supposed to be looking for?  What are you so excited about?

Tell me if you see any corn or iris.

Why on earth are you asking me to do that?

“Cuz I keep hearing on that TV all about the corn and iris and how dangerous they are.  I wanted to check the freezer to see if Mom had any corn in there, but she wouldn’t let me.  I figured I better check our yard.  I don’t want any corn or iris around here.

Steinbeck, you’ve got it all wrong.   It’s not corn and iris.  It’s coronavirus.

Smarty pants……..how do you know?

Mom told me about it when I asked her why she was working at home now.  You must have been sleeping as usual.  She said it’s a serious sickness and humans have to be really careful so they don’t get it.  Mom is staying in the house as much as she can so she doesn’t run into any of those germs.


I’m so glad you’re my big brother and can teach me things.

Steinbeck, there’s also this rule about social distancing.

What’s that?

It means…..don’t invade my space.

Well, be that way.  I’ll just move over here. imageedit_11_5121849023

I just hope I don’t dream about corn and iris.


13 thoughts on “We’re Helping Mom

  1. Psst – kitties don’t have to social distance. I bet if you don’t bother him too much, Hemingway will let you cuddle with him more. Stay safe and keep yur Mom safe too !

  2. We know it’s really hard to get something out of your head once it gets stuck there, like corn and iris. We get meal time and walk time stuck in our heads several times a day. We’ve been told that’s why Dad shuts the door to his office… XOX Xena and Lucy

  3. MOL! My human has always worked at home, as long as I’ve known her (and long before that too), so not much is different here. I help her, but she still works too many hours.

  4. You both don’t realize it but you are teaching my mommy to be a more interesting blogger. Two or more cats are way more better, happier, we’ll adjusted and most of all have more stories to tell that are actually interesting!

    Any way, play and dialogue, blog or even a conversation needs more family members usually than a mommy and her cat. There needs to be more drama, more reaction and interaction.

    Love you guys and when this corn and Iris thing finally gets even close to ending then mommy will get me a brother or sister to conversate with and share our feelings and mommy will start up our blog again. She still has a lot to learn. MOL!!

    You know we can’t even find a cat at our shelters and Humane Societies. They are just fostering them for now. At least they are safe.

    Have a great week?
    Luvz, Patzy

    1. Sorry for the late reply but Mom’s been in the hospital. We just let her post about all her “adventures” over the last two months. We’re glad that we inspire you. That’s a super great compliment. 🙂

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