Someone’s in BIG Trouble

Hi readers! We’ve been gone a long time again. Mom’s been busy healing the leg she broke and trying to make it strong so she can walk again. She told us that it was just too hard to sit at the computer for a long time so she avoided it.

But she didn’t tell our friends and I’m sure they’ve been worrying.

Well, we’re all doing fine. Mom goes to see her surgeon again next week and may finally get permission to put 100% weight on her bionic leg.

Are you calling it that ‘cuz she has all those plates and silverware and stuff put in her leg to make it work?

Steinbeck, she had one plate and then some screws put in. There was no silverware used in the repair. Now, back to the trouble part of this blog.

I didn’t mean to be that much trouble but I got scared.

Mom had decided to schedule a Spa Day for Steinbeck. He had some narlies and mats on his stomach that she wanted taken care of and he also has swords for nails so she wanted them trimmed. I’ve gone through that and it’s not so bad.

But you’re older than I am.

Anyway, Mom and her brother chased Steinbeck all over the house and couldn’t catch him. He kept slipping through their hands. They finally had to give up. Steinbeck doesn’t know it but he has another appointment and he’s not going to be able to ignore it. Just look how easy it is to get into the kennel. I found it quite comfortable.

That’s because Mom wasn’t taking you to that scary place.

Steinbeck, I love you ‘cuz you’re my little brother….but sometimes you get rather naughty. I know you don’t mean it, but you must remember that Mom is never going to do anything bad to you.

I’ll try to remember, but I really don’t like going to that doctor’s house.

None of us do. Just think of all the times Mom has had to go to doctors’ houses this summer. Has she been running around the house trying not to be caught?

MOL……….that would be funny!!

*Mom’s Note: It’s mid-afternoon and Steinbeck is still hiding. Poor little guy was so traumatized. I hope the next time goes easier…..for the sake of all of us!

20 thoughts on “Someone’s in BIG Trouble

  1. We sure hope your mom is up and running soon. I am 100% in agreement about going to the doctor’s house. I have been there many times, and although there are lots of treats and cuddles every time, they do some gnarly stuff there. Watch your back, kids.

    Love and licks,

  2. Oh no… Jimi has to go to the vet next week for his annual checkup. I will not mention this post…
    Hope your Mom feels better real soon, my furry friends!

  3. Steinbeck, none of us like going to the vet but it’s probably better to get those narlies taken care of now before they get really bad. We send purrs to your mom too and hope her leg is healing well.

  4. Sending purrayers and POTP to Steinbeck – and Mom ! Hemingway, you are being a good example for your little brofur !

  5. So good to hear from you!! Hope that Mom gets an all clear from her doc to do more activity and you boys have to remember when you go to the doctor’s house even though it’s scary – it’s impawtant OK??? OK!!! Hope to hear from you again soon…….

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Oh Teddy, we all love hearing from you so much. We’ve been spending time outside on the deck with Mom. The weather has been beautiful and we all love being out there. We’ll let you know what Mom finds out this week. Hugs and purrs……..

  6. Oh my gosh! You broke your leg. I’m so sorry. That’s beyond terrible. 😦

    I haven’t been on WP in a long time. I’m more on Instagram these days; do you have an IG account because I’d love to follow you there. I forgot how much I loved seeing you little fur babies. ❀

    Get well soon!

    1. No, I’m not on Instagram now. Maybe in the future. I’m not at the computer that much ‘cuz I have to watch my leg. It’s getting much better but it’s been a long haul. My fur babies have been wonderful at taking care of me. Good to see you again. Pam……the Mom

  7. Poor Steinbeck. Since I get to stay in my own house with my Mommy grooming me, I think maybe I should feel nicer about it. On the other hand, even Angel Lexi ran and hid at grooming time.

  8. We hope your mom is better soon! We’re glad they didn’t put silverware in her leg but breaking it sounds big ouchie! Steinbeck mats on your belly is really bad. They can make you hurt and get sores! You should take it easy on your mom and let her catch you easily!

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