Bowl of Soup

Do you think I should ask the humans about it???

Humans…………….Hemingway said I should ask you about this ‘cuz he doesn’t know either. Last weekend everyone was talking about the big bowl of soup. Now we were both really excited. We thought for sure we were going to get a big bowl of catnip soup! They were even calling it a SUPER BOWL.

Image result for graphic of cat eating soup

We both kept waiting, but there was no big bowl of soup. Why were you humans teasing us like that??? Do you have more tricks planned for us next weekend?

We can’t wait! MOL!!!

16 thoughts on “Bowl of Soup

  1. My human has a can of soup on the counter for lunch sometime this week. That’s the only soup I know about! And if it’s in a can, it’s not in a bowl.

  2. Actuually, kitties, it was sortof a typo. It was really a SUPERB OWL – and you would not want to tangle with an owl.

  3. I know what you guys mean – I was waiting and waiting for a nice BIG BOWL of something delish to appear in my eating spot and it never happened. Never trust what you hear on TV. Lesson learned!

    Hugs, Teddy

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