Mom’s So Excited!!!

First of all, let us explain something. Mom doesn’t get to go out of the house much. She doesn’t get to see her friends. She doesn’t get to go shopping (which we know she hates anyway).

She does go shopping for our food and treats, however. She said we will always have that. MOL

Back to what I was saying…..since she doesn’t really do much since that Covid stuff came around, it doesn’t take much for her to get all excited about something.

Yeah! We were just sitting there looking at her and she let out a “whoop” after she pointed the flashy box at us. We looked at each other and just giggled.

Here’s what she got a picture of:

It’s just us, Mom!

She just looked at us and said she finally got a picture of both of us sitting still, looking at her, and keeping our eyes open!

It really doesn’t take much to get Mom excited! We both hope this Covid stuff gets out of the world soon ‘cuz Mom really needs to get out and see people!

16 thoughts on “Mom’s So Excited!!!

  1. While we agree that your Mom really needs to get out, we have to agree about the picture. We can’t remember ever seeing a picture of you both sitting and looking at the camera before this. Why don’t you try to do it more and make your Mom happy! XOX Xena and Lucy
    Pee Ess: that’s the only reason I do that ~ Lucy
    Pee Ess Ess: I just love to get my picture made ~ Xena

  2. My Mom is always pleasantly surprised when I cooperate with her flashy box by looking at her…..I usually look away at the last second to drive her crazy! Whatever makes our humans happy during these tough times is a blessing right boys?

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. I mean…. Were there treats? When I occasionally bother to look at the camera, Mom gives me Cheerios. You are right, tho. Moms are REALLY bored and easily amused in quarantine. But, bust out the treats, mama!

    Love and licks,

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