Professor Hemingway Speaks…

This is one of my favorite thinking spots.  I’m up high enough so I can see in several rooms at once.  I can tell if Shakespeare is eating all our food.  I can tell if Mom is working on the computer.  I can tell if anyone is walking by our house.  I can see birds outside.  Yes, this is my thinking spot.

So what are you thinking about?

I’m thinking that Mom played a really dirty trick on me tonight.


Well, I was outside having all sorts of fun and this little flying thing came right by me and I caught it.  Of course I had to take it in the house to show Mom.

That was dumb.

You’re telling me!  She wasn’t paying attention to me until I started kind of throwing it around in the room where she was sitting.  She came over to see what I had and told me that I shouldn’t be catching butterflies.  At least now I know what they’re called.

I don’t think it’s all your fault.  You just do that naturally.  Remember when you caught that little bird?

Mom was really upset with me then!  I just have these hunting genes in me and they come out at the strangest times.

So what did Mom do with the butterfly?

I don’t know!  All of a sudden it was gone.  I looked all over the house and tried calling for it but I couldn’t find it.  Mom is so sneaky!

Maybe you should just play with the toys Mom got us.  I even like to play with the toys in my new house.

Here I am trying to get my toy mouse to come into my “safe house” with me.

Well, I’ve got to go look and see if I can find that butterfly.  You and your mouse have fun.