Caturday Art Gazing

Mom is still trying to figure out her new computer so she doesn’t have time to teach us much yet.  So, we decided to pull up some pictures of us gazing at our favorite artist’s work.

I could gaze at Quint's artwork all day!
I could gaze at Quint’s artwork all day!
I wonder if I could learn how to paint like Quint...
I wonder if I could learn how to paint like Quint…

Have you met Quint?  He’s a famous cat artist who does beautiful work.

We’ve become friends with all his furmates and his Mom since our mom let us start blogging.

If you want to learn more about Quint, just go to his website Colehaus Cats.

He and His Mom even help other kitties with what he makes on his artwork.

We really love Quint’s talent!!

CAT ARTISTS RULE!!!  Did I do it right, Mom?  Can we have some treats now?


So, you may be wondering what happened to us.  Did we fall off the planet?  Did we go chasing a mousie down a long deep hole?  Did we get our toenails done and didn’t dare use the computer keyboard?  Did we become big stars and go into seclusion?

Seclusion?  What is that???

It means hiding out from everyone and everything.

Oh, we never do that!!!!

I know, I’m just teasing the readers.

Mom said we shouldn’t tease each other.

As I was saying before I was interrupted………none of those things happened!  This picture gives you a clue as to what we’ve been doing.

Naps are so important to a cat's good looks and good humor.
Naps are so important to a cat’s good looks and good humor.

What about Mom?  She was gone!

Yes readers, our mom took a vacation without us so we’ve been making her feel guilty.  We did a good job of it, too.  She’ll have to explain to you later just what she was doing.  We just wanted everyone to know that we are fine and we’re sorry we’ve been gone so long.

Caturday Art……Two Different Worlds

Me and MrCatMom took a picture of me talking to Mr. Outside Cat.  We were having a nice conversation about how awful winter is and Mom came along with her flashy box.  She used a colored pencil effect on this and then “framed me”…MOL!!!

Shakespeare Dreaming

I was having a nice dream about food and Mom crept up on me with that flashy box.  I chose to keep my eyes shut and ignore her!  She used a charcoal effect on this picture and then put a food frame around me.  I think I look rather cute!

It’s Caturday!

That means Mom was messing with our photos again. made me all grainy and funny!

Mom…….you made me all grainy and funny!

Mom.........I'm not sure what you did to me, but I look kind of bumpy!

Mom………I’m not sure what you did to me, but I look kind of bumpy!

Oh well, at least Mom had fun.

Enough with the fun!  We want treats!!!

Check out some other Caturday Art while we go hunting for treats.

Caturday Art ….. Colorless

Since it’s a gray day, Mom decided to do our caturday art using a negative technique.

You look really old, Hemingway.  You look really gray, but I can sure see your whiskers and you look like you have some really heavy eyeliner on.

Copy of Mr. Innocent

Well, you look really cool in black and white, Shakespeare.  Maybe you should think about dying your furs so you look like me.

No way!!!!

BandW Shakespeare

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