Time for a New Color

Hey Mom………where am I supposed to walk?  There’s all this white stuff out here and I don’t know what to do.


I’m having just as much trouble over here!  My feet don’t like to be in that white stuff.


I think it’s time for a new color out here.  I’m already sick of white.

Hey……I have an idea!

I’m sure you do.

Wait, it’s a pretty good one so don’t start grumbling yet.  I was watching Mom make cookies today and she had some of this green sprinkle stuff that she was using.


Well, what if we take that outside and sprinkle it on that white stuff and then it will be green!

Not bad for a little kid!  You do come up with interesting ideas.  Let’s go back inside and see if Santa Paws has left anything under the tree yet.


Are you sure Santa Paws is going to leave presents under this tree?

I think so, why?

There’s not enough room!!!  Mom…………we need a bigger tree with lots of room for all our gifts!

It’s My Birthday!

I just wanted to let all my human and fur people friends know that today is my birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Hemingway.  I know you’re going to have a very good birthday today.

Did Mom tell you what she bought me?

No…and even if she did, I wouldn’t tell you.  It’s more fun to be surprised.

I’m two years old today so that means I’m a Big Boy!!!  Here’s a picture of me shortly after Mom got me from the Humane Society.  I was only 9 weeks old in this picture.  I’m sure glad I finally grew into my ears.  I forgot how big they used to be!

Now everything about you is big.

Shakespeare, you’re not far behind!  You certainly aren’t a petite little kitty any longer.

Here’s a picture that Mom took of me before it got really cold outside.  See, I really have grown into my ears.  Of course now that I’m two I’m even more handsome.

From the Mom:  Happy Birthday, Hemingway.  I’m so glad I found you because you have added so much love and laughter to our household.  Shakespeare, your birthday is in three months and then you’ll be a Big Boy, too.

Merry Christmas to everyone from The Mom, Hemingway and Shakespeare!