What’s Wrong With Me?

Mom says I need to talk to my readers and see if they can figure out what’s wrong with me.  First of all, it’s not my fault!  It’s all Mom’s fault!!!  Now that we have that clear, let me explain.  When Mom is at the computer, I want her to pay attention to me so I have to be clever.  First I jump up on the computer desk and get right in front of the monitor so she can’t work.  She will usually tell me that she can’t see through me and sometimes she’ll even take the time to pet me.  That’s not good enough.  So, then I jump up on the entertainment center that’s behind the computer desk.  She can’t really see what I’m doing up there so she kind of tunes me out.  That makes me mad so I start pushing everything off on the floor.  If she doesn’t come right away, I just keep pushing stuff off until I get her attention.  Now, since she knows I’m going to do that, wouldn’t it be smart of her to just take everything off the top of the entertainment center so I don’t have anything to push?  Makes sense to me.  Evidently it doesn’t make sense to Mom ‘cuz she keeps putting the stuff up there.  She’s just asking for trouble.  All I want is some attention…..or maybe some catnip…..or maybe some treats…..or maybe a brushing.  So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me.  I trust that you, my very dear, very wise, very handsome and beautiful readers will agree completely with me!  See Mom…..there’s nothing at all wrong with me.  Right, readers???

UPDATE:  Mom…..my readers say there’s nothing wrong with me.  I think you better move the stuff off the entertainment center or start paying more attention to me.  Oh, and don’t get mad at me ‘cuz it’s what my fabulous readers want!