The day started so peacefully.  Mom was doing laundry and she was hanging it outside so we knew she would let us out to play.

When she opened the door I ran as fast as I could before she changed her mind.

We played outside until it started getting windy and then we wanted to go inside and take our naps. After I woke up, I went to the door and saw this!

That’s our fur dog cousin Stella.  Mom says she is a Newfie….whatever that is.  All I know is that she’s lots bigger than the last time I saw her so I think I’ll stay inside.

But there were other fur dog cousins outside, too!  That’s why I stayed in my secret place in the house where nobody could find me.

Here are our other fur dog cousins who came to visit today.

The bigger one is Droopy and he’s a Lab.  The other one is Static and Mom told me he’s a Pugle.  I rolled on the floor laughing when she told me that!

Here’s another picture of Static.  Shakespeare and I think he should see a dentist.

Here are all three fur dog cousins being quiet for just a minute.  We were happy they came to visit, but they are even more active than we are……..and except for Stella, they’re older!

Mom………please don’t let them come inside.  They might find me.

Yes, Mom……..let us know when it’s safe.

We Were Bad

We scared Mom tonight.

Yes, we scared her really bad………..but it wasn’t totally our fault

Mom got home late so when she finally did arrive, we were so ready to go outside and play.  Remember how we missed out on playing this weekend?

She said it was fine for us to go out and play since it was such a beautiful night.  She said she was going to fix her supper.

When she mentioned food I almost stayed inside, but it was too tempting to go out in the fresh air.

It sure was nice to be out in the sunshine.

Before long Uncle Bob’s son, Thomas,  came over ‘cuz his car wasn’t working.

I think in human terms Thomas would be our cousin or something.

Whatever……….all I know is that Uncle Bob is good with cars so he was going to be busy.

Mom was inside fixing supper and doing something on the computer.  When her supper was ready, she came outside to check on us.

That’s when she got real scared.  She went and got one of our bags of treats and started shaking it.  Usually that makes us come running as fast as we can.

What she didn’t know was that we were too far away to hear it and we didn’t know how to get back.

Mom was almost in tears and we were so sorry we did that to her.

Uncle Bob came around the house and saw us both at the neighbor’s next door.  He started calling us but we were frightened.  Then Mom came and she had the bag of treats.  I walked over to Mom but I was so scared I hissed at her.  I don’t know why on earth I did that.  I’m going to have lots of apologizing to do.

I was even more afraid and I tried to run right through the fence.  I was so scared that I would never find the back yard again.  Mom was carrying you in through the gate and I came running around the corner and went straight into the house and found a quiet spot where I could hide.

We both felt so bad about scaring Mom but we thought that since the gate was open that meant we were supposed to explore.

I don’t think it was a good idea and I don’t think we should ever do it again.

Needless to say our time outside for tonight is over.  That’s ok ‘cuz it was pretty scary for us and we wanted to be with Mom where we’re safe.

Mom, about that bag of treats you had………………..

Our Famous Dog Cousin

Our dog cousin is becoming famous.

In case you forgot about Stella, here’s her picture from a couple of weeks ago.  She belongs to Mom’s niece so Mom explained that Stella is sort of her “Great Niece”.

Mom entered her in a contest sponsored by radio station LOVE 105.  It’s called Mutt Madness.

Are we entered in the contest too?

No.  Mom said we can’t be in the contest because we’re not dogs.

Well thank goodness for that!  I like being a kitty.

Anyway, Mom has all her friends and relatives voting for Stella and she found out this afternoon that Stella made it to round two.  She’s now one of 64 dogs hoping to make it to the next round.

Can I vote for her?

Sure, you just have to go to their web page on and find Stella’s picture.  You can start voting again on Monday, March 12th and you can vote once a day on the same computer.

We’re going to have to take tuns voting then.  You vote Monday and I’ll vote Tuesday.

Mom said if there’s a contest for kitties then she will enter us.

Good….then all of Stella’s human and fur people friends can vote for us.

Isn’t voting a wonderful thing????

Go Stella!

New Cousin

We have a new cousin!

What’s a cousin?

Mom explained that it’s kind of a relative.  Here’s a picture of Stella.

Stella at Nine Weeks.

That’s not a cousin…………..that’s a dog and she came over to our house.

Ok, so it’s a cousin dog.  She’s a Newfoundland and Mom says she’s going to be really big.  Right now she’s about the same size as me and weighs a pound less.

I was really scared when she came in the house on Sunday.  I didn’t know what was going on.  She was black like you but she didn’t have any white on her and she made strange noises.

She was barking.  Ebony doesn’t do much barking now but my best friend, Champ, does a little so I know what barking is.  I was scared of Stella, too.  Mom thought I would be making friends with her right away but it confused me that she was my size.  I’m used to dogs being bigger.

Mom said it won’t take long before she’s lots bigger than we are.

I suppose it would be smart for both of us if we made friends with Stella while she’s little.

Are we going to get more cousins?

I have no idea.  I think it’s cool that pretty soon it’s going to be more fur people than humans in our family!

I hope all those cousins don’t try to eat our food, but I’m sure glad the humans leave our food alone!