We Gave Mom New Names for Her Days of the Week!


Hemingway and I decided to talk about Mom’s week.

We’ve discovered a pattern and we
decided to change the names of the days of the week so they fit Mom’s lifestyle.

Even though I’m still kind of young, I helped!!!

Yes you did.  In fact, you came up with some pretty good ideas.


  • Moanday:               This is the day that Mom seems to hate.  It’s the first day of her work week and she always says it comes way too fast.  We don’t notice much difference, but we’re not humans.  We do notice that Mom hits her snooze button lots and lots of times.
  • Snoozeday:            This is the second day of the work week and Mom claims that she’s already tired from getting up early on Moanday, so it’s hard for her to stay awake at work.  This is especially true if the sun is not shining.
  • Willitendday:         We finally get to the middle of the week and Mom is wondering if it will ever end.  She starts looking forward to the weekend, but knows she still has lots of hours before she’s free from the office.
  • Throwawayday:      Mom says this day is really hard.  For one thing, she has choir practice so that means she doesn’t come home after work.  She usually does some errands and then heads over to church.  Then she doesn’t get home until really, really late (in our minds) and all she wants to do is fall into bed.  She’s no fun.
  • Finallyday:                 It’s here!  The last day of the work week and Mom is practically dancing on air.  She’s so excited knowing that she gets two days off.
  • Satisfiedday:            Mom turns off her alarm for this morning, but we usually wake her up anyway.  After all, just ‘cuz she’s not going to work doesn’t mean that we should eat late!  Mom uses this day to do errands and fun things.
  • Slumpday:                 Oh no.  Mom is starting to think about Moanday already.  She has to get up early for church so at least we don’t have to wake her to feed us.  However, she seems kind of sad as she thinks about going back to the office.

Our conclusion:       Humans were created to stay home and play with the fur people.  Those work things seem to get in the way.  The world would be a happier place if the humans and fur people could just play, eat and nap in sun puddles.  This holds true especially for our human!!  Just our thoughts.

dsc_0659Mom, we wish every day could be Satisfiedday for you!!!

Friday the 13th

I have a question.

You usually do.

Quiet.  This is serious.  Besides, Mom told you to be nice.

What is it now?

Why are some humans and fur people afraid of Friday the 13th?

I’m not sure.  It has something to do with the number 13 and if it falls on a Friday it means bad luck.

That makes no sense!  Fridays are right before Saturdays and Saturdays are part of the weekend so all humans and fur people should be excited.

I agree with you.

So, let’s change how the humans think about Friday the 13th.


Let’s tell them to think of 13 things they really like to do, see, read or eat and they can do them all on Friday the 13th.

That’s a wonderful idea.

Let’s start on our list to give them an idea.  First of all there’s treats.

Yes, I knew that was going to be mentioned.  How about naps?

Rolling in the grass.

Having Mom brush us.

Unwrapping a new toy.

Listening to the birds sing.


Talking to an old friend.

Getting tummy rubs.

Chewing on fresh catnip.

Trying some new food.

Going for a ride.

Writing a blog.

We did it!  We came up with 13 things.  Now it’s time for our fur people and human readers to do the same.  We just have to make Friday the 13th fun for everyone!

About that first item on our list…………..where’s Mom?


We love our naps.

Yes, we have several specific spots throughout the house that are favorite napping spots for each of us.

Maybe we fur people should let the humans know why we nap.

Why do we want to let out our secrets?

Well, I wanted to play today and Mom wanted to nap so I got a little upset.  I think it’s because she doesn’t understand the nap routine,  so I want to let her and the other humans know what’s going on in our kitty heads..

Ok.  You like to talk so go ahead.  I’ll go see if there’s any food.

We know Mom has to go to work during the week so we use those days for catching up on our sleep by taking naps.  By the time Friday night arrives we’re all “powered-up” and ready to go.  Just ask Mom!

She says we’re always “powered-up”…..especially lately.

Anyway, by the time the weekend arrives, we know Mom doesn’t have to go to work so she should be ready to play with us all day long and most of that time should be spent outside.  It’s only fair.  She gets to go outside every day of the week.  Sure, she says she’s going to work, but do we really know that’s what she’s doing?

Well, if she wasn’t going to work, then she wouldn’t be able to afford to buy us cat food and treats.

Good point.  Still, when the weekend comes, she’s away from work so she should want to play with us.  What did she do today?   SHE TOOK A NAP!!!  It’s our day to play and she took a nap!!!!

Well, she said we couldn’t go outside ‘cuz it was cold and rainy.

She could have played inside with us……but she took a nap!!!  Don’t humans know that naps are for week days?  Weekends are for playing with us fur people…..preferably outside.

I bet they know now!

Today’s Thoughts

I know what today is.


It’s SUNday!  Look outside….the sun is shining.

As usual, I’m a little confused about what humans have done to their language.


Well, what would happen if the sun wasn’t shining today?  Would they call it CLOUDday instead?  What happens if we have sunshine on the other days of the week?  For instance, if we have sun on Monday would they have to change the name?  If we have rain on Thursday would they call it Rainday instead?

I don’t know.  I never thought about that.

On top of that, take a look at the names of the days of the week.  What’s a Mon?  What’s a Thurs?  Do humans have to fry their foods on FRIday?  The human language just doesn’t make sense!  Our cat language is much easier to understand.

You’re right.  I just thought it was neat that the sun is shining on SUNday.

I guess you’ve got the right idea.  We should be happy for the little things.  Let’s go find Mom and tell her we should all go outside and play.

I bet I can get to Mom first.

The race is on!