Copy of P1030181Mom mentioned that “exercise” word again.  Usually she makes us chase after that stupid red light.  I know she’s really holding it in her hand, but I pretend to be all amused by it.   She believes I am.  This exercise thing is boring.  Now she’s pulled out something new.

Mom said we should both exercise to get rid of that “Cab In Fee Fur” stuff and I think it can be fun.  So, I’m going to show you how to do it.

Copy of P1030179See….you’re supposed to walk on this round bouncy thing and pretend that you’re outside.

Copy of P1030180Hemingway, you’re not listening to me, are you?

Copy of P1030177

Fine, I’m up on the round bouncy thing now.  Is that all I have to do???

Just Another Winter Saturday

Mom went out walking this morning when it was cold and windy.

We stayed inside where it was warm and toasty.

That’s not bad, but when she came back we weren’t at the door to greet her ‘cuz we were busy playing.

I took care of things.  If Mom is being that good about getting healthy, then we should be there to encourage her.

Copy of P1020356

I talked to the “outdoor kitty” and told him that since he’s doing nothing out there, he should let us know when Mom starts walking up the driveway.  He whispered in my ear and told me he would take care of it.

I’m going to help, too!

Copy of P1020357

I’m going to read up on Mom’s medication here and make sure she’s doing it right.

Mom should be so glad we’re here to take care of her!

Field Trip

Mom said we were going on a field trip tonight after work and I got really excited.  It promised to be even more exciting ‘cuz Shakespeare wasn’t included.  When it came time to get into the car, I must admit I got a little scared.  I kept talking and Mom kept petting me and telling me it was going to be fine.  She didn’t tell me where I was going but I sure found out!!!

Before long she pulled into a parking lot and turned the engine off.  Then she picked me up (not an easy task) and started to carry me into this building.  Wait a minute!!!!  I know that building!   That’s where the doctor man lives so this can’t be a good thing.  I tried to remain calm and hoped that if I shut my eyes nobody would see me.

This is my “I’m not happy” look.  Mom said she hasn’t seen this look before.  Well, she’s seen it now and she better pay attention!

I thought if I hid in the corner nobody would find me.

I got the scale figured out.  I discovered if I put one foot off the scale I wouldn’t weigh as much.  Stupid humans figured out what I was doing!

This is a picture of me and the doc.  He’s really a good guy in spite of the fact that he told me I had to start working out on a treadmill.  He did keep telling me that I was handsome and he thought I was really neat.  I guess I’ll have to listen to what he says and try to lose a little weight.  I’m just a little over 19 pounds but he says that is too much.  Mom said she would make me chase the laser light more often.

Here I am at the end of my visit.  I was wondering if those treats were for me but the people at the doctor’s office said those were treats for dogs.  Well, maybe they would let me bring some home for my friend Champ who lives next door.  He’s a dog.  They also said that I should be the clinic mascot  ‘cuz I was so calm.  I didn’t care if other fur people came in to see the docs.  I was all done and I knew I would be going home.  The only problem was that Mom and the other people were talking about me getting a job to pay for seeing the doctor man.  Well, if Mom didn’t take me to see him then she wouldn’t have to worry about paying him.  I guess it’s all her fault.

I’m going to take a nap now.  Maybe I should have Mom get the laser light out first so I can get some exercise.  No……I think I’ll take a nap first.


What’s Wrong with Being Two???

Mom says she’s living in a house of two-year-olds.

What does she mean?  You’re two and I’m two, but Mom’s way over two!

I know.  I’m beginning to think she’s jealous that we’re two and she’s not.

So why did she say that?

Well, she was picking up all the toys that you pulled out of our toy basket and I heard her muttering about having to clean up after two-year-olds.

Just because I pulled some toys out of there?  Didn’t she know that I was searching for just the right toy?

I guess she thought you were supposed to pick up your toys and put them back in the basket.

Well maybe I wanted to play with more toys and by taking them out of the basket it became easier to find the right toy.

Sure makes sense to me.  I think that’s being quite efficient and Mom should be proud of you for that.

I heard her say something about you one day.


She was saying that you shouldn’t put your toys in the bathtub.

Well, she taught me how to do that.  Isn’t it fun when we have our jingle bell balls rolling around in the tub?  It makes noise and they spin around in the tub really fast.

Yes, and we’re getting exercise so Mom should think that’s good.

It’s settled then.  We have to tell Mom that she’s lucky to be living with us two-year-olds ‘cuz we’re efficient and we get exercise.  She can learn from us!

Maybe we can start a class and invite other humans.

That sounds like fun.  We better contact our fur people friends and see if their humans need the class.

Can we have something to eat first?  Work always makes me hungry.

Moving It

Mom said we should get some exercise, so we tried!

Hemingway, please get off. It's my turn now!

I really didn’t like the bike that much when I got on it.

This is the face Mom makes when she rides the bike.

It’s really not easy for us to ride this bike.  There must be another way to get exercise.

God, longer legs would really help.
Hey, does this bike make me look fat????

Mom, we’ve had enough.  We think you should get on the bike now.