They All Fall Down……..

I love this time of year!  For some reason the leaves stop hanging onto the branches and they all start falling down.  Mom says it’s a royal pain to rake up all those leaves.  I say it’s so much fun to play in them!!!

Who likes to play in leaves?
Who likes to play in leaves?

I do!!!  I do!!!  I’ve got my paw raised as high as it goes just to show you how excited I am.

Crunchy, munchy leaves.
Crunchy, munchy leaves.

I love the noise the crunchy leaves make.  They’re singing to me.


There’s no better way to unwind and relax than by stretching out on leaves.

My true colors...
My true colors…

I love fall ‘cuz it matches my colors and I can hide.  I bet you didn’t even know there was a kitty there in the leaves.  Hemingway can’t do that.

Watching for leaves.
Watching for leaves.

Wonder how long it will be before Mom tries making all these leaves go into bags?

I hope she waits a long time ‘cuz I really enjoy playing in them.

More Raking

Mom, when we told you we wanted you to let us outside, we thought you were going to come out and play with us!

This is my crabby look ‘cuz Mom’s too busy raking to pay attention to me.  She already raked here and look…..there are more leaves!  She’s never going to finish.

Shakespeare, Mom can’t play all the time.  You should help her like I’m doing.

See….here’s a pile of leaves that Mom raked up and I decided to protect it from squirrels, dogs and orange cats.  I’m helping Mom.  Besides, Mom is getting so tired that she might not see this pile and forget to put all the leaves in a bag.  Black cats are known for being considerate and helpful.

I can help.  I’ll go under this bush and shake off all the loose leaves so Mom can rake them.  That’s helping, right?

This bag is lots bigger than me.  I wonder if I should jump into it.  If I did, I could squish down the leaves and then Mom would have room for more leaves.

With your luck you would knock the bag over and spill the leaves and then Mom would have to pick them up again.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go inside and take a nap.  All this work is exhausting.

I agree.  I wonder if Mom will ever finish.  Too bad we can’t get into the refrigerator.  We could get her some ice water.

Hey…’ve got something there.  Remember that spot on the door where Mom gets ice and water?  I bet if you stand on my back and reach up, you could turn that on and we could get some ice water for Mom.

Let’s go try before she comes in.  What a surprise it will be for her!

Busy Weekend

I don’t like the wind.

Neither do I.  Did the humans leave their fans on high again?  All that wind made lots of pretty leaves fall down on the ground.

Yes, wasn’t it fun helping Mom with all the yard work yesterday?  I was chasing leaves and if I had caught them I could have put them in the bag for Mom.

You wouldn’t have done that.  You were too busy just running around trying to stay warm.

True.  Those batteries in the sun are really failing now.  Good thing we have that wood-burning stove in the house to keep us warm.

Why do the leaves have to fall off the trees?

I don’t know.

Wouldn’t it be better if the trees could keep their leaves during winter and just sort of close them up on the really cold days?

You have a great idea!  On nice sunny winter days the leaves could open up and then we wouldn’t have to look at all those naked branches.

It would be so much prettier.

Do you think we could come up with a tree that could do that?

If we do we’ll be famous and we’ll make lots of money.

Then we can share it with Mom……….as long as we get our treats first.

Let’s sleep on it.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..we’re thinking…..


We love all the pretty colors!

Are all those leaves going to be gone?

Not all of them.  Those fuzzy looking trees are called evergreens and Mom told me they have needles instead of leaves and they keep the needles during the winter.

Good.  I would hate to have the world be all black and white in winter.

Just look at all the pretty colors.

This tree reminds me of me because it’s such a pretty orange.

Here we are watching the leaves falling.

Mr Tree, if you keep dropping leaves Mom’s going to get mad.  Please don’t give her more work to do.  I promise I won’t try to climb you and hurt you with my claws.

I don’t think that’s going to help, Hemingway.  Just look at all the leaves already on the ground.  Then look at all the leaves still up in the trees.  I think Mom’s going to be busy forever.  We better hide or she’ll put us to work, too.

We Helped Mom

I wonder why Mom has this bag out here?  What is she going to do with it?  I think it would be a good hiding place.

Mom……I think there’s something in here besides just leaves.  Do you want me to investigate? you always have to tattle?  I was helping Mom smash down the leaves that she put in there.

Oh sure….that’s your story now but you were just being nosy.

Well, I didn’t see you helping Mom much.

I helped.  I showed her where the leaves were falling.

You just laid on the ground and took a nap.

Well, I saved Mom a little work by covering up some of the leaves that were on the ground.

Whatever.  It was a GREAT day!!!!

Note from the Mom:

The boys’ definition of “help” differs greatly from my definition.  However, the three of us were able to be outside on an absolutely glorious fall day.  Please don’t tell them what season is coming next.  I think they’ve forgotten about it.

From our back yard.