Every Human Needs Multiple Alarm Clocks

So, this is what’s been going on around here lately.  Mom has forced us to learn how to be alarm clocks.

She used to go to work every day and we didn’t have to worry about making sure she got up and fed us.

Then she would come home from the office place and feed us.

It was a nice routine and we basically liked it.  Now that she’s not working and is busy looking for a job, everything got messed up!

I’m in charge of getting her up in the morning.  First I try meowing but she doesn’t always pay attention.  Then I have to try my other tricks.  Knocking things down seems to help, but some days it’s a lot of work to get her up.  We’re just thankful that her brother goes to work really early and he feeds us.  However, we need to get outside and explore!

This is just one example of how I knock things down.  I knocked this thing down so many times Mom had to replace it!
This is just one example of how I knock things down. I knocked this thing down so many times Mom had to replace it!

I’m in charge of reminding Mom when it’s time to feed us our supper and then also our treats before we go to bed.  The other afternoon Mom and Hemingway were watching a movie and they both fell asleep.  It was almost time for supper so I had to go in there and meow really loud to wake up both of them.  When it’s time for our treats, I have to keep circling the rooms to make sure Mom hasn’t forgotten.  It’s a lot of work for a little orange boy!

Mom!  It's time for food.  Don't try to ignore me.
Mom! It’s time for food. Don’t try to ignore me.

We sure have our work cut out for us.  Can’t someone find Mom a job so we can go back to napping?

It's O'Cat Hundred and time to let us outside.  Wake up Mom or I'll push those glassy things on the floor.  They make a loud sound!
It’s O’Cat Hundred and time to let us outside. Wake up Mom or I’ll push those glassy things on the floor. They make a loud sound!

Interrupted Schedules

Have you heard Mom talking about us lately?

Yes.  She sure doesn’t seem real happy.

I’ve even read some of the stuff she’s written on OUR computer without our permission and I’m not happy with what I’ve been reading.

What’s wrong with her?

I think it’s because she doesn’t have a job right now and she’s getting in our way.  We need to sit down with her and have a good meowversation.  First we have to figure out our plan of attack.

I don’t want to attack Mom.

No, that’s not what I mean.  We have to figure out what we’re going to tell her.

I’m going to tell her that she shouldn’t get so mad at us.

Well, we have been kind of naughty lately.  I’ve been knocking all sorts of things off of bookcases, computer desks and tables.  Then you left the yard and went over to visit Champ without getting Mom’s permission.

I just wanted to see what the views were like in his yard.

The point is, we HAVE been naughty.  Why do you think we’re upsetting Mom?

I don’t know.

Remember when Mom was working and was away from the house all the time?

Oh, that was wonderful.  We had the house and the computer to ourselves.

Yes, and we could nap whenever we wanted to.

I remember naps.  I love them but I don’t get to take as many now.

That’s the problem.  Mom has interrupted our schedules and we get crabby so we do naughty things.

So………..it’s all Mom’s fault that we’re naughty.

I guess it is.  When you think about it, isn’t it always the human’s fault?  We have to tell Mom to get another job so she’s not interrupting our schedules.

We should tell  our readers to help us find a job for Mom.  Right now, let’s go take a nap while she’s at the grocery store.

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Mom’s been talking about our habits.

Yes, and some of our habits are good but some of them are bad.  Guess which one of us has the most bad habits…..

Shakespeare, button it!

Well, you know you have the bad habit of jumping up on Mom’s desk.

So?  You have the bad habit of yelling for your food.

Boys, are you arguing again?

No way, Mom!  Now keep your voice down, Shakespeare.  Let’s talk about our good habits.

Mom said I have a good habit of purring loudly when she’s petting me.  I also have a habit of letting her know it’s time for treats.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I know it’s good for me!

This morning Mom told me that she loves my habit of waiting by the door for her.


Every morning Mom gets up and feeds us first and then she gets dressed and goes out into the cold air and takes a walk.  You get back on your pillow and sleep after you eat.  I, on the other paw, go wait by the door to make sure Mom gets home safely.  When she sees me she smiles and waves.  I like that.

That walking thing must be one of Mom’s habits.  I really don’t understand why she likes to go out there when it’s dark and cold and there’s all that white stuff on the ground.

She told me that it’s good for her health.  I’m glad she hasn’t decided that we need to go for walks, too.

I just thought of another bad habit you have.  You wake Mom up too early.

I do that because you’re whining about being hungry and you just can’t wait any longer for breakfast.

So, waking up Mom is a good habit……..at least for us!

I’ve been thinking.  Habits and humans start with the same letter so maybe we fur people don’t actually have habits.  Maybe it’s all part of our “kitty kulture”.

That’s it!!!!  We’re Kreatures of Kulture!!!