Come Look

Shakespeare, come look at this!


What am I supposed to be looking at?

See all those birdies and squirrelies out there eating the seed Mom put out for them?


Well, if Santa Paws comes now, he might scare them and they’ll start flapping wings and twitching furry tails and making all sorts of noise and then Santa Paws will get scared and forget to leave our toys and treats.

I hadn’t thought about that.  I wonder if Mom should bring the seed and nuts inside until after Santa Paws has been here?

Maybe we should go talk this over with her.

I’m so glad I have a big brother who notices things like this.

We’re So Lucky!!!!

We have the BEST mom in the world!!!

We got a present from her.

We each got a present so we don’t have to share!

She said it was an early Christmas present and we could open it right away.

How many other kitties get early Christmas presents that they can actually open???

We’re so lucky!

Hemingway and partsHere Mom…..let me help you put this together.  By the way, just what is it?

Shakespeare bring that backYou work on all those other pieces, Hemingway.  I’ll just take this long piece over here.  Wait a minute!!!  I smell catnip on this.  Oh boy!!!!

Two in bedWow!!!!  You got us new beds!  Look how nice they are.  We fit on them and they’re different so we can each choose our favorite.

Shakespeare loves his bedMom…….I LOVE my bed!!!  It smells like catnip.  It shows off my pretty orange fur.  You did a good job shopping!

Hemingway's tail does not fitMom….thank you so much!  I love all these colorful paw prints on my bed.  They really look good against my black fur.  Know what?  I noticed that my tail must be longer than Shakespeare’s ‘cuz it doesn’t fit on the bed.  Giggle