Celebrate Big Time

Celebrate Good Times……Come on!!!

Come on people……sing with me!  Today is my birthday celebration!  I’m now three months old!!!  That may not sound like much to you, but to me it’s LOTS!!!

Come on people………..I need you to sing it from the rafters!!!
Oh for pete’s sake….will you just calm down????  I’m going on seven YEARS!!!  You’re just a young squirt.

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Heads in the bowls!

Mom said the only time she can get pictures of us together is when we’re eating!  That’s because I’m always so busy running around.

Readers……if you notice, the little squirt has his paw up there to keep me from eating his food.  The only problem is……..he’s eating out of my dish and I’m eating out of his!

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Graduation Day


Mom says I’m a big boy now.  I got to be free in the whole house today with Hemingway.  I hated being shut in a room by myself so the freedom was pretty exhausting!!


Just imagine how tired I am!!!  Mom, I couldn’t get my naps today ‘cuz Steinbeck was hopping all over the place.  Can’t he go back to his private room?  He has way too much energy for his own good.

Saturday Routines

Bath Time:

Mom told me I should take a bath on Saturday. Should I clean Hemingway’s tail, too? It’s right here!
These furs are a little messy so I have to work hard!
It’s hard to get those back feet but I’m pretty limber.
I’m all clean and handsome now so what should I do?
Please take a nap. I’m exhausted……zzzzzzzzzzzzz!